How to use Odin tool?

In today’s guide, we are going to give you a complete guide to how to use Odin tool? It is not complicated when you know each step to go through one by one. It will help you to solve whatever software related issue or else to upgrade/downgrade and even turn into the root as well with proper uses. This is how to flash your device. You can use the recent Odin version 3.13.1 or any other version if you are perfect. The latest version brought compatibility with Mac and start to support new device models and even Oreo ROM files too.

how to use odin

How to use Odin tool?

Go through each point that we give you carefully and remember not to miss any single thing if you wish to end the process successfully. You can visit the Sammobile website for free stock ROM files. The membership is totally free and it is unlimited. And even ROM files are safe and reliable that can extract as tar files that Odin can read.


  • Download Odin latest version on Windows or Mac
  • Install USB drivers to the computer
  • Download a recommended ROM file
  • Extract both files that you download above
  • Create a complete backup of data
  • Compile a proper USB cable
  • Put the device into download mode using Power, volume and home keys

Step guide

  • Run Odin file and open the user interface
  • Connect the device to the computer and check if the UI got a text to confirm that the device successfully connected
  • Click the AP button at the options list and browse the tar file that you extract and save
  • If everything seems to be ok, simply click the start button to start the process
  • Keep the device on the table and let it move smoothly. Do not try to do any movement for it may bother the normal process
  • It will take around ten minutes and will end the process with a reboot
  • When the process will end, you can unplug the device and check if the user interface notes that the process succeeded as PASS!

Troubleshooting tips

  • If the device will not detect when connect to the computer; check the port that connected, cable connectivity, and drivers that installed should be the latest
  • If you will end with fail result, try few more times with proper entries
  • The ROM file that you brought must be tar
  • It is Odin 3.13.1 as the only version that can download on Mac while all prior versions are Windows-only

How to delete eBay account?

If you are an eBay user and want to say goodbye to your account, we are going to let you know how to close your eBay account easily. Those accounts without minimum standards will not be able to remove because of restrictions. Thus, the account should be below standards to deactivate. If the account that you are going to delete yet to complete its fees, you will continually ask to complete all the payments. Here is how to delete eBay account?

delete ebay account

Guide to delete eBay account

  • Check if all the payments are complete by made one-time payment. If the account balance is zero, simply click the Account tab and start the process
  • Use your accurate eBay login details at the respective Close my eBay Account page
  • If you are a non-US eBay account holder, an account deletion webpage and that dedicated to your country will come into view. So you can login and click Help Topics menu > close account. Remember to change your email address if it is your eBay address to request the deletion
  • The reason behind your leave should clarify before anything else
  • You can select the certain category that matches your reason
  • And then simply click the Continue button and move on
  • You will provide details to resolve your issue if you wish to stay if the trouble is no longer bother you
  • Simply enter No as the reply in the next pop up message and tap Continue and move
  • Read the closing notice on Confirm Closure section
  • Mark “I read and understand the above information” notice and select Close My Account option right away
  • That’s it. You do not have anything to worry from now onwards. As you have been remove your membership from eBay, remove all the connected apps from your device and feel free.

Important facts

Since you notified that you want to get out from eBay, the same email address or the username can use never again to become a new member of eBay. So if you wish to create an account once more, you have to use a new email address.

If you worry about your PayPal account, you cannot leave it along if you wish to atop your transactions as well. There is another way to get rid of your PayPal account. And remember you have to go through separate steps if it is to close your eBay seller account.

A brief guide to Odin 3.13.1

Want to flash your device using Odin? There are a few considerable things that you must know before anything. Remember that Odin is not a tool that you often encounter and that can open and go through right away. Odin 3.13.1 is the latest version of the tool and that brought a few performance enhancements and new features. Flash custom ROM stock ROM and root any Samsung device is easy when you have Odin on your hand. It is a perfectly designed application and that initially released to upgrade and downgrade devices and even resolve software issues of devices. Here is a brief clarification about Odin.

odin 3.13.1

Odin 3.13.1 for Samsung Smartphone

As clarified, Odin 3.13.1 can use to upgrade or downgrade, resolve software issue or bring root permission to the device. It is a perfect offer for you can easily launch on your computer and follow instructions without waste your money to fix simple software related issues. Or else there may be stock ROM that you still did not receive as an OTA update. So you can use Odin tool and bring the latest Android version on your device. Though it is such an advanced utility, you cannot use any other device model except Samsung.

What are the important facts to remember?

When you are ready to use Odin and recover your device, there are a few important facts that you must know. The first thing is create a complete backup if possible. If the device still can use at least to create a data backup, do not forget because flashing will remove everything. Moreover, prepare a Windows or Mac machine. Mac can use only when you are with the version 3.13.1. All previous versions are Windows-only. And there should be a proper USB cable. It should properly connect the device and the PC. If your devices cannot use 3.13.1, you have to stay for few more months to welcome a new Odin version.

Wrapping up

Odin 3.13.1 is a remarkable utility that can use for Samsung smart devices. You can find out stock firmware files from the official website of Samsung. Once a new ROM will ready to launch, it will display to download for totally free from the page. This is the best application for Samsung devices. If there is custom firmware, you can use it too. But whatever file you are going to flash should be a tar-based one for Odin cannot read any other format.

How to download Spotify++ IPA for Android?

Want to bring the best music app on your smartphone? Then it should be Spotify which is the most popular music app these days. It gives you millions of old and new songs that you can even simply play with a simple tap. Spotify is the best for music lovers for it can let you listen to all your loved music tracks wherever you are. And advertisements will no longer bother you. Best sounds will let you feel the music from the bottom of your heart. So just listen to music online or download them to listen later with Spotify. When it comes to Sportify++ IPA for Android, you will find out more than the frequent suggestion.

spotify++ IPA for Android

Download Sportify++ IPA for Android

Are you ready to download Spotify ++ IPA on your smartphone or Tablet? Some of the sources may direct you to Google Play store to download the app. But you must know that it is not the premium app that you are searching for. It contains ads and even will not be able to encounter those advanced features. Or you can go through the premium offer through a certain package with a payment. But we are going to talk about how to bring the premium package for free. If you feel it is worth even to become a paid member, you can bring it right away from the Google Play Store.

But when you come to the usual IPA installation method for iPhone, you do not have a certain way for Android. When it is an iPhone or iPad, you can use Cydia Impactor and sideload the IPA. Or else there may be some other popular methods.

Spotify++ features

Here is the list of a couple of advanced features that you can bring on your device with Spotify premium offer.

  • Bring in songs that you prefer from
  • Use the app without advertisements
  • Play all albums and songs without any barrier
  • Listen to any song even offline
  • Enable the tremendous streaming feature
  • No compulsory mix up
  • Facilitate unlimited skips
  • Enjoy podcasts
  • Big screen experience for free
  • Cover art

Wrapping up

Of course, you may wonder how amazing Spotify is when it comes to Spotify premium app. You can encounter many amazing features than its free offer of you are brave enough to bring the hacked Spotify app on your device. But make sure that the method you are going to follow is trustworthy and bring the amazing Spotify app on Android.

How to get root permission using Magisk Manager?

Have you ever heard about Magisk Manager? If you will search, it will categorize as one of the best root-only apps. It is a free app and that brings on any Android from recommended third-party sources. It is one of the enormous and considerable offers of developers behind Android rooting. In addition to rooting, it will offer you Pokemon Go or Netflix. However, experts say that this is the most advanced stage that a smartphone user can reach even beyond rooting. In this post, we are going to share how to root Android using the Magisk Manager tool?

how to root android

What is Magisk Manager?

Magisk Manager can simply clarify as the highest right of the Android platform. It comes with a long list of functions plus modules that will support you all to enhance the device possibility and customize it. It comes as an APK package that can easily bring to your device frame. According to its developers, the app will receive more and more enhancements for a better service. However, the app comes for totally free. Those who are paying attention can bring it on their devices can simply try out.

The latest version 7.5.1 for Android 2020 is now in the air.

How to root using Magisk Manager?

  • Check your Android version to be above Android 4.2
  • Enable Unknown Sources from the Settings app
  • Download and install Magisk manager latest version
  • Those who have Chainfire SuperSU on their devices will have to grant permission
  • Select the Install key and continue
  • And then select the installation method as Direct Install or Download Zip File Only. The first method will bring you a certain file without the custom recovery
  • Once the download will complete, it will start the installation automatically
  • Those who selected Download Zip Only will have to reboot the device
  • And then launch Magisk Manager
  • The Magisk app successfully installed

Important features

Hide Root permission is the first and foremost feature of Magisk Manager because it is unique and remarkable. Sometimes you may not be able to bring apps that you wish on your device for your device has root permission. But Magisk can hide it for you and bring them to the device. And its root permission is easy and stable than a normal approach. If you wish to remove it from the device, you can use the very own option that the app already is given. And the other significant feature is that your modifications will not reach device partitions when the Magisk app is there.

A simple guide to root Android

Today we are going to talk about how to easily root Android Smartphone and Tablet. If you have an old or new smart device on your hand, it is time to bring administrative level privileges in it. Become the master of your handset is not a dream when you have the correct rooting tool. However, rooting can offer you thousands of features that not usual apps can do. It is far from simple enhancements and customizations of the device. After heavy researchers and practices, developers offered rooting tools for users to get rooted simply with a click. So this is about the best status that you can enter as an Android user.

root android

Root Android devices

There are many tools on the web that you can pick up that compatible with your device model. Some tools are for global device models. But some are limited and can only use for certain device models. So you have to go through each tool and find out the most excellent for you.

As we said, when you root the device, you can install any app and even customize your device as you desire. There are no longer barriers that stop you from. But it is a little risky until you are with the correct rooting utility. Therefore, having the correct weapon will lead you properly.

Tools for root Android

There are several popular tools that users mostly pick up such as iRoot, Vroot, Stump Root, Root Genius, kingoroot, king root, Eroot and so on. Most of them are single click rooting tools. But a very few can encounter as desktop-based ones. If you wish to use it as an APK, you should find out a direct tool. If it is a desktop-based one, you will encounter tools that should launch on Windows.

How to root?

Root smartphone or tablet has differences from tool to tool. But, you have to prepare your device by creating a backup, charge up to 100%, download the latest version of the rooting tool, enable unknown sources, enable USB debugging mode and so on. Preparations are different when it comes to an APK or Windows-based application.

Having the latest version of the tool will help you to easily bring root permission without errors and issues. If you wish to bring those restricted apps, themes and games on your device, root permission will help you go through. And you can customize and enjoy your own device without any barrier.

Something to know about Knox Warranty void

Are you a Samsung device user, then you must know about Knox warranty and things around Knox Warranty void. Entering the story, I would like to tell you about Know Warranty which is a security feature that could detect whether unofficial software has been got on the device. By Know warranty void, you can get the device exposed to security threats. Then how to keep your Samsung secured?

Knox Warranty void

Knox Warranty could detect if a non-Knox kernel has got on the device. This can call a one-time programmable bit e-fuse. And it can turn from 0X0 to. So in case if non-Knox boot loader/ kernel has been loaded on the Samsung device, the security Knox takes could no longer guarantee. So it results in Warranty Bit tripped to 0X1. This says the devices can no longer guarantee Knox security and it has some exposure to threats.

What to experience when Knox Warranty void?

Security is the first thing to consider anything. So with no difference, it applies to your Samsung device. Then what could happen if you find Knox warranty void?

Allowed no creation on new Workspace on the respective device

All data encrypted and stored could not be retrieved in the Workspace

You would not be allowed to make use of other services like Samsung Pay and secure folder when Knox security stop working

How to take a quick check up?

Do you know how to check whether the Warranty Bit has tripped? It is easy to know the security standards of the device. So follow the steps.

Step 1: Turn your device off

Step 2: Once done, press the volume down, home button and power at the same time

Step 3: It will then come with the warning screen. Now press the volume up and continue

Step 4: In the upper left-side corner of the screen, you will find the status of Know warranty

So in case if it shows that Knox WARRANTY VOID: 0x01, it indicates, the device will no longer support with the warranty. So if you need a fix on this, you must replace the PBA (Printed Board Assembly) of the respective device. So simply, it requires a hardware replacement to overcome the matter and verify the device security back.

The best Android screen recorder no root

If you worried about record your screen without root permission, there is nothing to worry about we have a perfect solution for you. Do not fall apart for being a non-root user. You too have tons of amazing applications thanks to dedicated Android developers. Behind the Android screen recorder no root, you have a lot to consider, even we cannot show you that this is the best. So we will unfold a few from the best screen recording apps as follow. It is up to you to pick up the perfect for your requirements. Here we go.

android screen recorder without root

Popular apps for Android screen recorder no root

Google Play Games

You might confuse why we suggest the Google Play Games app as the first app on our list. Of course, it mainly focusses on gaming. But still, there is an interesting feature that lets us record the screen. You can arrange a separate game profile, leaderboards challenges and more can encounter as additional features.

Rec. Screen Recorder

This is a completely free application that you can even find out from the Google Play Store. Devices with Android 5.0 and higher are warmly welcome to become part of its consumer base. If you are with Android 4.4, you too can try out this. Those who need further features can navigate to its premium package.

Screen recorder

This is another great app we found during our research and that comes with interesting features like screenshots, high-quality screen recording, save videos to wherever you wish and more.

ScreenCam Screen Recorder

ScreenCam is another free suggestion that you can use when you need to record your device screen. This is apart from usual apps and stands as an open-source project. You can enjoy by record audios using this and add them on your videos as well in addition to record the device screen. The app is compatible with Android 5.0 and higher. If you are with Android 7.0, this has more features to offer you.

ILOS Screen Recorder

There are no advertisements to bother you. Even Watermark too will not appear. You can simply install it on your device and go through it. The best deal is it perfectly fit on devices without root status.

Lollipop Screen Recorder

There is no doubt that you already know what are the devices that compatible with the application. Of course, handsets running Android 5.0 are the highlighted category. You will be able to encounter a user-friendly interface, simple functions and so on that even eager you to try out the app. 

How to fix Samsung Phone Stuck in Odin Mode?

We are going to let you know one of the important things when being a Samsung Android user. If your Samsung Phone Stuck in Odin Mode; do not drop it or waste your money for a repair center. The download mode does not stand for broken devices. It means you still can fix it with proper steps.

samsung phone stuck in odin mode

What is Odin mode?

It is a special mode for Samsung Android devices. We usually talk about it when we are ready to flash the device using the Odin tool. When a device is in its download mode, we can connect it to a computer that installed Odin and flash is easily. However, sometimes there may be issues for some uncertain reasons. When you stuck there, it does not mean your device is useless. If you are lucky enough, you can recover it using methods that we will guide you from now.

Samsung Phone Stuck in Odin Mode

We are going to clarify three common methods that you can use when you stuck at Odin mode. Try from the first one since you have to go through the third if two previous methods will not work properly. In many cases, those two should work and fix the issue. Carefully read and go through.

Method 1

  • Just take the battery of the device away from it
  • Keep it a few minutes away from the device
  • And then insert it back
  • Turn on the device normally

Method 2

  • Simply press and hold the Volume Down and the Power button at the same time
  • Stay at the same for a few minutes. So the device will boot displaying the Samsung Logo on your screen

Method 3

In this method, you have to use the Odin mode to fix the issue. So it is not a few steps process like previous methods.


  •  Compile a USB cable and a computer
  • Install the latest Samsung USB drivers to the machine
  • Download Odin and an applicable stock ROM from Sammobile website
  • Extract both files that downloaded above

How to?

  • Connect the Samsung device to the computer
  • Once it detects the device you can click the AP button and add the tar file there
  • After that, click the Start button as the final step
  • The device will flash and replace the ROM that you suggested. When the flashing process comes to the end, you will see a long reboot
  • The carefully remove the cable from the device and check its working status

What is Samsung Odin mode?

There is no doubt that Samsung is the most tremendous smartphone and tablet suggestion in the Android market. You may encounter many others, but this is the peak and the best option that you always have to go through if you wish to meet the competitor of Apple iOS. We are proud to remember that we have the Samsung S series that even brought us advanced and amazing features even before Apple. However, this is not about the handset that you know. This is Samsung Odin mode which is a significant detail but you may have missed. Here we go.

odin mode

What is Samsung Odin mode?

As it says, this is a mode that you can put your device into. But, the matter is what kind of mode is it? So let’s go through further details. We call it Download or Odin mode. For the most part, users put their devices into this mode to flash their devices using stock or Custom ROMs. Odin mode is special for Samsung Android devices. Samsung devices cannot flash through any other way unless Download mode is there.

What’s is important about Samsung Odin mode?

We must know how to enable Samsung Odin mode? During the activation of the Odin mode, we have to use all three hardware keys of the device. Thus, press Volume up + Home + Power buttons have to press and continue at the same time. The screen will let you know if you have been arranged it properly. This mode will display on a black or blue screen with Downloading… word in it.

However, this mode mostly arranges when users are ready to upgrade or downgrade their smart devices. As recommended, users have to use tar based ROM or Kernel packages. It does not matter you are with an official ROM or a custom ROM. Whatever should stand as a tar file. If it is a zip file, your operation will not be able to set through a successful result.

Troubleshooting tips

Sometimes Odin mode too can put you in trouble because of some technical issues. In such cases, you can take the device battery away and arrange it back to the device. And then switch on it and see everything is fine. The device must properly start if there is no any other issue. behind that, it is important to note that remove the battery or unplug a smartphone during a flash process may end with a bricked handset. So you may not be able to use your device again if it put in such a serious condition.