How to unroot with Odin download?

There is abundance of motives to root a Smartphone such as customizations, system updates, block ads, boost the performance, and remove stock apps and more. Nonetheless, this can be a terrifying way to access to move on once you do not know what you are ought to. However, in this guide, we will show you how to unroot your Samsung phone with Odin download. This guide will help you to return to the stock structure with a clean and clear system back.

Anyway, except the enormous dealer Odin, there is no other way for you to walk through a stock ROM flash.


Unroot with Odin download

Once you possess an Android with root status or else working on a custom ROM, there you have to arrange an absolute way out which not just set you free but will become an outright shake out brings its status that had day one.  For such demanding clearance, you cannot just put into use single click unroot options. Odin is the most excellent and that always comes behind Samsung smart kits for any firmware related movement. All you have to do is flash the phone with a stock firmware package. It will repair all injuries of root and replace essential files and codes that you lost so far. If your warranty has been cracked, it as well will recover simply through. So here is the procedure.

However, there are a couple of important facts for you to keep in your mind, in order to arrange things better. Beyond everything, Samsung Odin download stock ROM flash is an amazingly easy and influential technique.

odin download

Preparations for Samsung Odin download

  • Compile a workable Windows personal machine (OS XP/7/8/10 or Vista)
  • Complete backup creation is must an essential ahead to any Odin application. In this unroot/restore procedure, the system will renew and your phone memory will no longer remain the same
  • And then search for the recent USB driver version. It has to be installed to the Windows computer
  • Now, go to your Settings section and empower USB debugging
  • Let the device charge its battery up to 100% or else at least to 75%
  • Download Odin software file and the ROM file as well. If necessary, extract both and save on your desktop

Important: As it endorsed, you better search the Sammobile site for all applicable ROM files. If you are not a member yet, just register there and you can visit there always you wish for definite firmware for Odin applications. Enter your model code for all compatible results

The procedure

  • To start with, put your smart kit into download mode. Power down > press volume minus key > Home and Power at the same time > stay for the warning message > press volume plus and get the downloading status

Odin download

  • Then you can safely connect the phone to a connectable USB port
  •  Now go to the tool savings and open the exe file with the option “Run as administrator”


  • And then you have to enter the ROM package here. For that, you can click the specific “AP” key on your right side

Odin download

  • Check the Log panel on your left side of the UI as it will arrange codes and finally display “Leave CS” which stands for a fulfilled process. So then you can end the procedure


  • Click on the Start button at the bottom

Odin download

So that’s it. But you have to stay further without touch any of your devices for their own driving. As the frequent manner, PASS! text will open on the top of the interface for successful attempts

Odin download latest versions – changelogs

Odin is the only utility available for Samsung operators to flash, root or recover their beloved Android Smartphone or Tablets. This was initially launched only to be used in service stations for recovery, technical and upgrading purposes. But now, things become smoother and Odin download now available to the audience that facilitates even Custom ROM/kernel/ root features either. Thus, you do not need to bring your phone to stations once you have to solve any firmware related thing. All its user-friendly manner and free obtainability will make you easier with all. However, in this guide, you can go through changelogs of tool versions that would be pretty worthy for both new and old device holders.


Odin download latest versions – Changelogs

  • V3.12.5 and V3.12.4

File tagged as in size of 1.3 megabytes. As frequently, it licensed as a freeware which comes via the author odin3. Performance and application enhancements are the contained updates to the recent.

  • V12.12.3

This launched in January 2016 fixing many errors and issues of the prior. The incompatibility of Galaxy S7 and S& Edge USA models has been successfully patched. Moreover, Note 7 and Note 6 are some of other new models that the edition contained.

  • V3.11.1

Newly added the support for several files such as “Flash Home_CSC_…Galaxy S7 Edge, S7 (No file_…Home wipe data, wipe data file_…CSC). Furthermore, this efficaciously suggested for those devices running Marshmallow

  • V3.10.7

As a new content, RTN now has been added to the version for Sprint. The supportiveness for the Lollipop software is highly approved. And all recent devices are supporting for flash or whichever similar

  • V3.10.6

Some options of the graphical user interface renewed for a better coverage. And UFS/UX as well added to new components. Start properly work on Galaxy S6 and S7 which polished issued areas and bugs with enrichments

  • V3.10.5

Start supporting those handsets comes with ufs. A new feature that will hold Mass UX added while some others appear nonessential removed from the GUI.

  • V3.10.3

Parameter erases issue resolved including a code which known as RQT_INIT_DATA_SALESCODE. All new feature handset support and new Drag&Drop selection are the highlighted contents at this time

  • V3.10

Compatibility enhancements and interface renewals with fixed options are contained

Odin download


Samsung Odin download essentials for all versions

USB drivers

USE drivers are an essential part to create a stable network between the device and the PC. So it is required to install the recent version of USB drivers to the Windows personal computer you are ought to use

Windows-only compatibility

Windows is the only platform that Odin download can run. Any version of Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 are drivable

Chose the perfect version

You may not able to flash your Samsung with the latest tool version. So you must make sure that the utility edition you selected is perfect and safe

Moreover, for any incorrect step that you will make, the procedure as well will go wrong and void the handset warranty. But the tool’s stability is certain devoid any corrupt issues. In fact, all the utility do is cope flash authorizations for applications on your handset.

By the way, you can refer our previous guides for flashing, rooting, unbrick and many other operations to accomplish effective upshots. So enjoy the whole with Odin, your beloved Samsung partner.

Custom ROM flash with Odin Download

There is a variety of flashing approaches in the world of Android Smartphone and Tablets and that widely concern ROMs. So, Custom ROM flashes as well kind of an identical procedure which also discuss every so often. However, in this narration, we are going to uncover you in what way to flash any custom ROM using Odin download? Odin is a utility we regularly discuss for flashing Samsung Android models. While Android smart kits have varies customization tricks, flashing is the top rated one which even has numerous paybacks. So just read this brief guide of customizable firmware package setups which will probably worthier.

odin download

What is a custom ROM?

The denomination of ROM positions for Read Only Memory which is a frequent technical word. So once we come to the Android community, it is one of the interesting parts which has the whole authority over the handset. Those who desire to modify the harmony of any handset, they just have to install a firmware package and clear out everything. Mostly, such packages drop by core developers for their beloved dedicated fans surrounding recent version of the related software in accordance with each device model.

How it supports once flash with Odin download?

Anyhow, most of you might never capture such a customizable firmware for several reasons. In briefly, a custom package can absolutely set you free and uncover a wide range of features. Once you set up such a proper dress for your phone with Samsung Odin download, few certain things that you cannot capture via official software will decorate you grippingly.

Mainly, you can modify your device performance, by boost the battery strength and movements. Those who are troubled with OEM-Installed third-party applications will remove and bloatware as well will no longer make you trouble. Moreover, use Underlock feature to handle the speed of your processor to spread the battery power. And once you love to try out a recent firmware kit but do not have permission, this will be the best and the only solution to get closer updates. Finally, customizations are the main thing that endures a better feel through such modification. Break the frame that your manufacturer keeps you tighter. All these just come for free and you can setup them just with Odin, the dedicator of Samsung.

odin download

How to flash a custom ROM using Samsung Odin download?

The procedure apparently similar to stock software transaction but comes with several differences. So as frequently, you have to be careful with specifications in this guide. For Odin’s tar only compatibility, you have to give a high sign that the Custom ROM you picked up is a tar. If it is a zip, you are no longer eligible for the drive.

  • First of all, backups should be created with each and every important file
  • Compile a Windows machine and that must be fixed Samsung phone drivers by the latest version
  • Download Odin and Custom software file. Extract them if necessary
  • Go to the exe file of Odin and launch it

  • Put the phone into download mode using Volume, Power and Home buttons

Odin download

  • The UI will display Added! Text as frequently after the detection

Odin download

  • If things smoothly arrived so far, you can set the ROM
  • Click the AP button on your right-hand side. A window will open to select the tar

Odin download

  • Finally, press the Start key.

odin download

  • In this operation as well you better keep empty the option Repartition. There is a special requirement to arrange TWRP to fulfill the system once the handset reboot after flashing.

So that’s it. Now you can enjoy with your Smartphone using any alteration on your phone. This would be great for those who escaped for the first time from the stock.


Flash CWM recovery on your Galaxy handset with Samsung Odin Download

Are you a Samsung Galaxy Smart Phone or Tablet user for a long period? Then you many familiar with all features of your device and sometimes you may be bored with it. Therefore you will find a way to customize the device and enjoy more with it. Well, then you can do it easily with Samsung Odin Download. Actually, now Odin is not a stranger app for most of the Galaxy users. That much it is familiar with them to flash several types of files to the beloved Android handsets.

Samsung Odin Download

Actually, most of the Android users are now willing to gain the root access to customize their beloved device. But really, within the root access, you can’t perform all the administrative level modifications. Therefore, in this time you can use a custom Firmware file for that. Yes, CWM is one of the best popular Android custom recoveries we can find. It’s CWM Abbreviation for ClockWork Mode. While flashing this you can have most of the administrative level modifications for your device.

About the flash utility

As I noted above Odin is most common flashing utility among the Galaxy device users. It allows you to perform more tasks like Upgrade, Downgrade, Root, Flash CustomROM, Kernel and more. And Odin is the tool using within all Samsung Service Centers to the flash firmware. Anyhow thanks to the growing technology now this has leaked to the public and you can download it freely. Remember, this is a PC based software and comply only with Windows Platform, So, you need to have a Windows running PC to perform the task. Further, in the present, you can use Samsung Odin v 3.12.5 as the latest version.

Samsung Odin Download

Flashing guide with Samsung Odin download

After deciding to flash a CWM recovery file on your Galaxy smartPhone or Tablet and have an idea based on this, now here is the guide for you to follow the process. In this time before beginning the process you need to have a full backup of the device to prevent any data loss activities and further, it is useful for you to maintain a sufficient Battery level within the device to avoid any accidental interruption activities. And here is the guide for.

  • At the beginning, you need to enable the USB Debugging function of the device as accordance with the below image

Samsung Odin download

  • Then you need to download and install the correct USB drivers onto your Windows running PC
  • Now download the latest Samsung Odin file and extract it into a convenient place
  • Then download the correct CWM Recovery file for the device and extract it too
  • Launch the Odin app as the administrator
  • Boot your device into download mode. For that press and hold “power + Home + Volume down” Key together until you see the warning alert. After that press the Volume up key to boot into download mode
  • Then network both devices via a proper USB cable
  • Wait, Odin will detect your device and after that, you can see an “ADDED” message in Odin Surface.
  • After that go to the AP tab and select the extracted CWM recovery file. Yes, in this time, don’t operate any other options in the surface leave them as default
  • And now to begin the process you can hit on the “START”
  • This will take few minutes so wait and see. And in this time don’t operate the device
  • After a successful flashing, you will be able to see “PASS” message with green color in the Odin UI
  • Well, after that the device will automatically reboot, so, this is the real time for you to disconnect it from the PC

Samsung Odin Download

Finally, now you can flash the CWM custom Recovery file on to your Galaxy handset. So, you can enjoy the features from it. Further, remember to follow each and every step carefully. Otherwise, your device will be bricked. And no one will be ready to take the responsibility. It’s your own. Wel, to know more about Odin download stay tuned with us. and if you need need to share your ideas with us, then leave it in the below comment section.

Odin download – Root any Samsung

Rooting is the most excellent and easiest ways for those who love bring about manifold things with their beloved Android than the stock structure lets you. Thus, root an Android become one of prevailing experience for everyone at the present time. In fact, this touch on an honored entree for your handset’s OS to modify files and documents and custom them in a better manner. However, for the reason that there are over and above handset models touching the market, you may not find the best method which suits you. If you possess a Samsung device, so here is the best technique. You can simply catch the highly valued Odin download with ChainFire auto root package for a smooth and rapid root access.

odin download

What’s more?

Typically, though rooting becomes simple than earlier, still it has serious internal affairs that are complicated as always. Therefore, famed single click or else APKs utilities are not always the perfect for each and every form. In this guide, you can pick out an implement which supports almost all Samsung Smartphone in the market behind Chainfire. Chainfire is the he who was responsible for SuperSU application which is famed as a genius. Draw your link and become the true master of your phone from now.

CF auto root access with Samsung Odin download

In simply, CF auto root let you get root permission on any Samsung Android kit, excluding those who are with bootloader locked as frequently such as Verizon and AT&T. Therefore, you better confirm few things before any drive for a decent consequence as noted below.

odin download

Ahead to Odin download

  1. Run down the exact model number of the Android kit crossing Settings > About Device > Model Number
  2. And then go to the respective Chainfire-Auto-Root page and find out the file that you have to download in accordance with. If you have the access throughout this, you will probably find the particular
  3. Now you also have to take care of your device power. If you have insufficient battery strength, let it charge right away at least up to 75 percent
  4. Keep safe all important data files with backups
  5. Important: Windows PC, USB wire, and drivers are important to be prepared as always

How to root any Samsung phone?

  • At the outset, download Odin utility and extract it
  • Now pick up the exe file from Odin and run it as administrator. So the UI will open
  • Go to the transferred CF Auto Root file and unzip it
  • Enable developer options and OEM unlock as well
  • Knock the handset into download mode. (Let it switch off and press Volume down > Power + Home. Volume key has to continue while count on the rest till the warning message will open on your screen.
  • Connect with the PC without ado. Stay for the confirmation of the proper connectivity as Added!
  • Now, it is time to browse your tar file/CF auto root package. So just tap the AP button. When a small window will open, select the file from where you saved
  • If everything is clear, click the Start key at the end. As frequently, the whole procedure will end with a reboot

CF auto root – Developer Description

odin download

  • It is your own responsibility for taking care of your device warranty
  • Always do the accurate selection from. It is better if you can directly transfer the CF auto root file from its official page
  • Those who have devices with flash counter better know that the procedure behind Samsung Odin download will probably trigger it
  • It is same with the KNOX warranty. It will surely trip during the procedure
  • Those handsets with encrypted memory/storage will remove everything
  • Once your handset model will have new OS file launches, there may be tricks that support to avert kernels. If the occurrence is that serious, this procedure will certainly not work anymore.



Samsung Odin download for manually upgrade Android Nougat to S6 and S6 Edge

You may be willing to gain the best performance from your beloved Android Smart Phone or tablet. Therefore, you will wish to upgrade your handset to the latest Android version. Of course, until the moment Nougat (7.0) was the available Android firmware version. And it is available for limited devices and the developers are now focusing on offering the Chance for many users. Well, if you have a Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge, then now you got the chance officially upgrade the handset. But if due to nay reason it is not available then you can Samsung Odin Download to manually upgrade the device.

Samsung Odin download

As the latest giant Android chapter this times also they have focused on offering more advanced features for you. Doze capabilities, interface tweaks, Multi Windows Mode, are some of them. So, now the Galaxy manufacturers are focusing on offering the chance for their device users to reach to the latest firmware update. So, step-by-step they have widened the path and eventually, now they have allowed the access for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge users to the latest firmware update. so, now it is available through the OTA. But remember, if you couldn’t get it through OTA then you can upgrade the device manually with Samsung Odin.

Overview of the flashing utility

Well, sometimes you may afraid to use the Odin download utility with your beloved device. But don’ worry this was an official tool use within all Samsung Galaxy Service centers to the firmware. Yes, anyhow now this has leaked to the public and you can download it freely. Of course, rather than upgrading the device you can use Odin utility to flash Custom ROM, Kernel, Recovery, rooting and more. Yes, remember, this was a PC based utility and work only with the Windows platform. and in the present, you will be able to use Samsung Odin v 3.12.5 as the latest.

Samsung Odin Download

How to prepare

Are you ready to flash the giant Android 7th chapter for your beloved Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge? OK, then here is the manual guide for you. To use it you need to prepare the handset. For that purpose, you may know within the new firmware your device data will be wiped. So, it is better to have a full backup of the device. Further, to overcome from any interruption activity you want to maintain a sufficient battery level with the device. Yet, Odin download is a PC based utility so you need to have Windows running PC and check whether it has the correct drivers. If not download and install them. And for a smooth connection, you need to enable the “USB Debugging” function. It was located in the “Developer Option”.  To reach it go to settings> About device> Built Number and tap 7 times on it.

Nougat flashing guide with Samsung Odin download

  • At the beginning download the latest Samsung Odin file for your Windows PC
  • Then extracted the file
  • Now download the correct Android Nougat file for your device model and extract it too
  • Now launch the Samsung Odin application
  • Then boot your device into download mode. For that, you can follow the below guide

Samsung Odin download

  • Now network both devices via a proper USB cable
  • Wait for a little Odin will automatically detect your device and after that, you can see aa “ADDED” message in the Odin surface
  • Now go the “AP” tab in the interface of the utility and select the extracted firmware file there. And keep in mind to keep the other options as default
  • Now to begin the flashing process you can press the “Start” button
  • Now the flashing utility will take few minutes for the process so, wait and see.
  • After a successful flash, you will be able to see a “PASS” message with green color in Odin surface
  • Yes, now your device will automatically reboot. So, this is the real time for you to disconnect the device from the PC

Finally, now you got the access for the giant Android Nougat update for your Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge handset.  Well, if you wish you can share your experience with the biggest Android update. and keep in touch with us to know more about Odin Download.

Things to remember – Odin Download FAQ

Odin is a great privilege for those who love technological schedules throughout their Smartphone. To grasp high software modifications and customizations or to simply switch the firmware as a recovery, Odin download is exclusive to your Samsung. The recently announced version 3.12.5 gives you finest features and responsible doorway to capture whatever you desire with respective handsets. However, the utility has important features that must be convenient for the operator. Therefore, in this piece, we arranged a frequently asked question panel that you can grab all details in one place with clear guidance. Here is everything.

Odin download

All about Odin Download – FAQ

What is Odin download?

In fact, Samsung Odin download is a program and that generally used to upgrade/downgrade, custom ROM flash and recovery options as well. Moreover, it is specified for Samsung handsets which you have to take care of certain file packages for each device.

From where to download the tool?

Commonly XDA developers are responsible for updating tool files to be transferred. Also, you can check respective websites as well for further.

What is the respective web page for stock ROMs?

Odin download

In accordance with official guidelines, each and every ROM flash ship of the company listed on Sammobile website. This is a free and safe offering that you only have to become a member for the first time. And then you can have whichever offer for free and safe for several times you visit. You can enter the phone model number and search what you desire.

What are the requirements?

First of all, you have to make certain of your Samsung phone model from Settings > About Device. And then the firmware which you may pick a Custom or stock ROM that applicable for yours. The firmware must be a tar that is known as the only package format Odin can read. Once you selecting a custom flash, it is more important to confirm its tar approach. Most of those custom packages come as zip that Odin never welcomes.

And then, for its operation, you have to compile a Windows running computer and a connectable USB wire. The PC must be installed phone drivers for an optimum detection. Without this, you will not be able to continue the procedure as it is extremely important. Download mode is the next thing. You can check out how to activate from next part.

How to arrange download mode?

Odin download

This is another significant part ahead to commence a flashing process. You cannot activate when the phone is turned on. So, down the power and press volume down button. While pressing the same, you also have to press power and home keys from then. Once a warning alert will come into view, start pressing volume plus button until you see the mode notification on the screen. This calls Odin mode as well.

What are the basic functionalities of Odin download keys?

Odin download

  • You can repartition the layout using Re-Partition option. It is better to keep free if you do not have certain PIT. Once this will activated, all data will remove swiftly from the handset.
  • To arrange a reboot and time correction automatically at the end of the flashing procedure, you can mark Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time options
  • Once you flash a firmware, you have to snap the AP button which was PDA in older ones. Once you click the key, it will open a small window to select the flashing file.
  • CSC is the panel that stands for exact particulars of settings and the country for the procedure.
  • Start switch will automatically detect the whole panel that you filled and flash your device within few minutes.

Complete guide to flash any Modem with Odin download

Today we are going to show you the path of flash a Modem on your Samsung Android kit with Odin download. In addition to support you go through custom/stock Read Only Memory, kernels, and root packages, you can also arrange modem flashing process as well via Odin. It is simple and influential for those who like technological modifications on their Smartphone and Tablets.

odin download

What is a modem?

Modem stands for a certain file and that always unique for your handset and profession in according to the region. So you can search out a list of particular files for each and every Android kit and state’s career once you desire to have one. You can search certain files from reputed forums such as XDA developers or from trustworthy web pages.

How to flash any Modem with Samsung Odin download?

  • First of all, you have to transfer a Modem which is applicable on your phone model. Make certain of its tar format which is the only formation that readable
  • Search recent Samsung USB drivers and install to the prepared Windows machine
  • Backup data or it’s better to remove the SD card from the Machine
  • Download Odin tool, the latest or whichever version compatible with you
  • Extract the zip file and start run Odin…exe. The user interface will open

Odin download

How to flash with Odin download?

  • Now put your device into download mode. Shut down > press and hold volume down > Home + Power > Warning alert > press and hold volume up. This may have some differences in accordance with the model you possess. So a swift Google search will let you arrange the mode accurately
  • Now you can network the phone and the PC with the USB wire right away
  • Stay for the Added notification in Message box
  • And then, here you have to select the Phone/CP button from the right side and enter the related Modem file there. With new Odin versions, you will find the button CP while older ones remains as Phone
  • After that, you can click the BL key, if you wish to flash the bootloader as well and fill the section with the certain file content
  • If you smoothly passed each step up to here, you can end the process
  • Click on the Start button at the bottom

Odin download

  • The handset will reboot after few minutes with a long run than frequent. It is normal for the reason that device has to arrange its new path with a spring
  • You can also confirm the success of the procedure bring up the top left side of the UI that says PASS! in green

Odin download

  • Carefully unplug your device from the USB cord and close the program from the computer as well. Check whether your Samsung still works smoothly because it was such serious operation

By the way, if you are interested in flashing a stock firmware on your Samsung, refer our previous step guides of Samsung Odin download from here. You do not need to wait for official software updates if the firmware has been already launched to a respective web page. It is absolutely vital to realize than at what time adjusting your handset, you are undertaking so at your own hazard.


Flash a custom kernel with Samsung Odin download

The kernel is one of the incredible and influential components of Android smart kits. Once you pick up a custom kernel, it can accomplish radical things on your phone or the tablet and make you a professional of inconceivable accomplishments heart and soul to a weighty battery period. All those stock kernel setups are reasonably narrow but will spread over behind your Odin download custom kernel installation. You simply reach all those expectations that you remained since along, to tweak and smoothly carry out varies tasks. However, start paly with Odin tool which will support you to modify and polish the magnificence of your handset.

odin download

Why Odin so special for Samsung?

Unquestionably, Odin is the most prevailing utility for Samsung users for whatever modification or customization on their beloved Android kits. Generally, this known as a personal computer based technical equipment which widely used for flashing firmware comes in tar/tar.md5/bin. This software was not originally meant to open to the audience. But now, you do need to bring your handset to a repair center in every case related to the firmware. Moreover, you can even try this to flash Custom ROMs/kernels/recoveries such as TWRP and so on. However, here is the complete guide to flash a custom kernel with any Samsung device.

odin download

How to install a Custom kernel with Samsung Odin download?

Ahead of the installation, you have to confirm that you have been prepared certain things before starting the application.

Things to be arranged before Odin download

First of all, you have to follow each and every preparation step here for a smooth and successful procedure. Here everything you have to prepare.

  1. Download Odin tool and extract
  2. And then transfer a custom kernel and extract it as well. make certain this selection to be a tar formatted
  3. Charge your Samsung Smartphone up to 100%
  4. Empower Developer options. Settings app > About Phone > and tap seven times on the build number
  5. Now you have to enable Original Equipment Manufacturer/OEM unlock
  6. Install USB drivers on the Windows machine you are up to operation with. If drivers have being installed, make certain them to be the latest version

The procedure

  • Just go to extracted tool file savings and pick the exe file from there. Right click on the particular file > Run as administrator
  • Boot the handset into Odin mode. Power off > Press and remain with Volume down key + Home + Power. The warning message will display on the screen. So then, smoothly press Volume plus and enter the mode

Odin download

  • Now you can network the phone with the PC using a USB wire
  • Check messages to display “Added!!” once the device successfully detected within next few seconds
  • Go to the respective AP button of the UI and click on it. You will open a new window to browse the tar/kernel

Odin download

  • Check the options section. There you will see several things to be selected. But you only have to mark Reset Time and Auto reboot
  • Now go back to the first step and check whether you completed everything successfully
  • Click the Start button at the bottom of the user interface. There are three separated keys below as Start, Reset and Exit. You have to click the first one

Odin download

Samsung Odin

And then take a deep breath. It will take few minutes slowly to flash the custom kernel perfectly. At the end, you will see a time-consuming reboot. This is normal after whatever procedure of Odin download. You can recheck the desktop. The interface will display PASS!

Congrats! You have flashed a custom kernel on your Samsung handset perfectly with Odin.




Samsung Odin Download Android – Flash or Root Samsung

This is a better news for all Samsung users if some user needs to Flash or grant root permission Samsung Odin download Android is the better way to overcome all the matters that need to admit with instead of using a regular flashing or a rooting tool. The Odin application has developed by the authorized company with specialized for all Samsung Smart Phones and Tablet PCs. This tool is not merely an ordinary flash tool or a commonplace rooting tool. The Samsung Odin can be downloaded using in a Windows environment. This is the only requirement to download this awesome tool because of there is no any registration or monetary activities to download Odin using a personal computer.

Samsung Odin download main image

This freeware is a one click rooting and flashing tool. That is why of you have a good idea of flashing and rooting android devices you are able to use this application as a professional user. While performing a flashing process if you do a wrong move it may cause to brick your device. So if you are an average user of an Android we would like to advise you not to admit with Flashing or Rooting process. We are going to accoutre you in the knowledge of download Samsung Odin, it will help you to become a super user of your device with full of access rights.

How to Flash a Stock ROM using Odin Download

Odin Download

  • If you have not installed USB drivers, you have to install USB driver on your PC.
  • Download Stock ROM that applicable with your smartphone or tablet PC.
  • Power Off the smartphone.
  • Then you may have to Boot into download mode. If you do not know how to do this we have mentioned all the steps to do this step. Press and hold “Volume Down” key, “Home” key and the “Power” key together for 6-8 seconds. This will boot into download mode.
  • In this mode, the device will display an error message, press the “Volume Up” key to continue.
  • Download Odin and extract it on your PC.
  • Then open “Odin3” file and connect the device to your computer.
  • When the device connects to the computer the Odin will identify the device and show “Added” message.
  • Then clicks on “PDA” button and select the “tr.md5” file.
  • Click “Start” button to start the process. This will restart your device multiple times.
  • When you see a Green color button as “Passed” it means the device has completely flashed.
  • Now your device is in boot loop mode. Then you have to boot into Stock Recovery mode. Hold “Volume Up” key, “Home” key and the “Power” key until the device vibrates. Then release the “Power” key ONLY keep holding other keys until you boot into recovery mode.
  • Then tap on “Wipe data / Factory Reset”.
  • Choose “Reboot system now” command.
  • After restarts, you may receive a Flashed Samsung smartphone.

Requirements for flash via Odin Download

  • USB cable to connect PC and the device.
  • Windows personal computer.
  • At least 30 or 40 percent of battery life.

Extra Notes

  • Flashing is a data loss procedure that is why you need to backup the device before involve with flashing process.
  • Flash or downgrade stock ROM of the device does not cause to void the warranty.
  • Changes of the Custom ROM of an Android smartphone may void the warranty indeed.
  • This tool is a freeware and it means download Odin does not require any registration or admit with monetary affairs at all.

Word for the End

The Samsung Odin is a must needing application to all Samsung smartphone users. You may have to get some risk if you require flashing kernels or custom recovery because if you are not familiar in flashing or rooting android devices just one wrong move makes your device a bricked one. So be careful with these procedures if you have not enough experiences.  So if you have a proper idea of Android rooting and flashing mechanism it is free to Samsung Odin Download Android.