How To Root Your Samsung Galaxy S5 Using Towelroot

Are you an owner of Samsung Galaxy S5 who is eagerly waiting to root your device. If so, it is worth reading about Towelroot. As you know, there are a number of rooting tools available on the internet from various developers. Most of them are one-click rooting tools and only requires a few simple steps to root your device. When analysing the success rate of these tools it seems that most of them have a lower rate of success and only compatible with a few devices. That is why you should pay your attention to Towelroot.

Quick Glance At Android Root

The Android root is one of the common and popular technical tasks which opens the gate toward the world of Android customizations. As you know, Android and iOS are the most popular mobile operating systems in the world. But Android is highly and easily customizable than iOS using the rooting. Rooting is similar to jailbreak in iOS but simpler than iOS jailbreak. It is because Android is an open-source model. Each Android smartphone comes with a modified version of pure Android System and manufacturers don’t allow users to customize it.

Manufacturers prevent possible Android customizations by keeping admin privileges to the Android system with them. Users need to root their devices to undertake the device admin privilages to customize the system. Android customization comes in various manners such as installing third-party apps/tweak and flashing custom Recovery/ROMs and Kernels. Whatever the manner, the initial step is rooting. That is why rooting is more demanded and popular

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What Is Towelroot and Why Towelroot

You may be thinking why Towelroot is emphasized though there are a number of one-click rooting tools. Let’s find out why towelroot comes at top of the one-click rooting tool list. Towelroot was designed by George Hotz who is well-known as White Hacker from XDA developers. As same as many developers, George Hotz is also not popular in the real name because his allonym is “Geohot”. Towelroot has the ability to root device which runs Android KitKat firmware to Android Lollipop. Especially it has recorded best result in rooting Samsung Galaxy S5/ S4. and Nexus 4/5. That is why Towelroot is suitable for Samsung Galaxy S5 device even though you can use another tool. Towelroot comes as an APK and you do not need a computer to use the application. Just download and root your device in a second.

How Does Towelroot Work

Geohot has designed Towelroot to gain root access by exploiting an Android kernel vulnerability. As you know, Android is a Linux based operating system and the kernel is a basic component in Android which works as a medium to connect the operating system and the hardware components of the device. Even though Kernel varies according to the device it always exists as a basic component in Android. In this case, Towelroot becomes more important.

As mentioned previously, Kernel varies device to device and it is difficult to root every device using the same root exploit. But Towelroot dares to do this and that is why it is recognized as one of the wonderful root applications. Towelroot is a lightweight app and implements the whole rooting process without a computer. The exploit that Geohot has used for Towelroot was found by Pinkie Pie. This exploit stirred up Linux developers to update the kernel and currently all of Linux kernels on computers, Android devices, web servers take the advantage of it.

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How To Root Your Samsung Galaxy S5 Using Towelroot

  • 1 Step – First of all, back up your device as a safety step
  • 2 Step – Towelroot APK is not available in the Google Play Store. It means you are going to install a third-party app and you need to enable the permission for it which has been disabled by default
  • 3 Step –Go to Settings >> Security >>Enable Unknown Sources to allow install third-party apps
  • 4 Step – Download Towelroot APK and install it on your Samsung Galaxy S5
  • 5 Step – Tap on “Make it ra1n” to start rooting your device
  • 6 Step – You device will reboot itself when rooting is done

Note: If your device is incompatible with Towelroot use this website to find out a compatible solution

Final Word

Towelroot has not got a black mark of bricking devices so far. But it is unpredictable if it works or not since each device has not been tested using the Towelroot. So, rooting your device is at your own risk.

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