How to recover a bricked Samsung with Odin download?

Did your Smartphone get bricked? For surely, it is the worst thing that can ever happen on your beloved handset as it feels. It technically means that your device absolutely turns out to be non-functional and unsteady. Typically, it categorized in two separated types, which known as Hard and Soft bricked. No matter through you faced the first. Take a deep breath. Now let’s check out how you can recover any Samsung Android phone using Odin download.


Odin is the out-and-out Samsung dealer which arises with the proficiency of flashing. As promised, it will basically resolve whatsoever suffering you are facing concerning the firmware. However, through there might some several issues that you could found, bricking is something serious that you need deeper knowledge to resolve. Just let it be. Through the dedication of your bellowed partner, you can bring your device back to normal. It will completely take you to factory restore manner which would be better rather than let it die forever.

What does it mean?

Since most of you use the word “Bricked” unsuitably, here is a brief and exact definition. When a Smartphone get bricked, it will absolutely appear to be dead which even cannot power on, figure or custom or else you can do nothing to fix it. It’s, aimed at all resolves, as valuable as a brick. Once you get into a bootloop or else enduring recovery mode attempts does not mean that you have to go through an unbrick procedure right now. Thus, what it exactly mean to be is, any of those escape options cannot do your own. Samsung Odin download would be precious when you are really in a trouble.  Here are the most dominant motives for becoming bricked.

  1. If the handset power down during a flashing procedure
  2. When your system essentials and program codes get deleted while rooting
  3. And when you accidently take out special applications of the stock system

odin download

How to unbrick any Samsung using Odin download?


  • Those who are not members of the Sammobile Company have to do their registration. So then you will allow downloading all related firmware packages for absolutely free
  • The firmware has to compare with your build number (Go to the About device panel from Settings > More)
  • The download will stand as zip content. You have to unzip the folder and keep safe the tar coded file from there
  • And then carry out the same extraction with the Odin download as well

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  • Remove the handset battery temporarily (For 30 seconds) and replace
  • Boot your Galaxy into download/Odin mode right away
  • Now return to tool file saves and pick the exe file via “Run as administrator” (The option going on right click panel)
  • It will drive to open the GUI

Odin download

  • Now connect the handset to a proper PC port and let it detect by the Samsung Odin Download utility. You can confirm the detection using updated of the GUI
  • Click the AP key from the panel

Odin download

  • There you can place the tar file you saved at the foundation
  • Disable Re-partition and all the other except Auto Reboot and the F.ResetTime
  • Check the Log section of the user interface before click the Start key next. There you have to see “Leave CS” if all ready
  • Now, directly snap the Start key to the end all

Odin download

  • It will process around ten minutes offering you the report at the end. If you will get the result PASS! make certain that you have done.

Odin download


Anything wrong? You might miss some essential steps or else it may occur because of frequent technical issues. Click here for troubleshooting tips.

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