Download Samsung Odin – Complete guide to flash stock ROM

In fact, the tool Odin is the application which available for Samsung Android Smartphone and Tablet for ROM flashing. Those packages capable to flash through the tool move toward as tar expansion. For the reason that download Samsung Odin only capable to read tar or md5 type files, most of those kits that users set through are official firmware. Since custom firmware kits is not an often topic as they frequently obtainable in zip format that we cannot set the utility to read. However, today we are going to deeply consider all its uses and surroundings for a better exposure. So here we go through the rest.

download samsung odin

Download Samsung Odin for flashing

Flash ROM packages are the key responsibility of the implement that comes in tar layout as we discussed above. In addition, custom kernels are the next topic that we have to focus. In the same manner that difficult to find out tar model files, custom kernel flash as well is not that easy procedure to find out. But thanks to some of developers in XDA community, we have respective kits that are capable to simply flash using Odin such as CF auto root.

However, when you are with an official package on your handset or it is a brand new device and need to run the Odin through, with usual flashing tools, you cannot that simply be triumphant for the reason that a Smartphone or a Tablet with formal status require respective root rights and custom recovery as well for that custom kernels have been included them in aim at custom ROMs support. In that case, Odin became a tremendous application for it surrounded such interesting features. Root and flash using Odin do not have any further requirements once you are with an applicable tar file. The utility developers already contained custom recovery and root even to support you when you are with a custom firmware.

What’s more?

When we consider the tool Odin, there is a lot to discuss. Anyhow, as almost all Samsung models are different to each other, and need to go through separated methods for respective root and flash procedures, we often should face above points that we clearly clarified.

When we are with official stock firmware flash, Samobile website as the official dealer is the recommended panel to visit. There users have to register with respective entries as then they can visit the site for several times being a Samsung user to download stable ROM kits and find out further details.

Odin latest version

The hottest version release of Odin is version 3.13.1 available for free in everywhere of the web. Thanks to the latest release, we are capable to flash Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge models now. And even Android Oreo as well became a compatible ROM edition. Furthermore, become a Mac compatible utility is the next highlighted feature of the recent release. So then, it ended the period being a Windows-only application starting from the hottest and will continue the same for a better support.

download samsung odin


When we consider whatsoever tool, it is important for knowing its compatibilities and limitations as well. So in this brave suggestion, not each and every tool version we have since its commencing version 1.83 cannot let us set all devices free. This means, not every tool version can support all device models. Each device has a well-matched edition that you have to get to know first. As an example, Galaxy S8 models cannot use any previous editions if 3.13.1 is not there. But when your handset perfect with an older one like 1.85, it also might proper with later ones such as 3.07, 3.04 and so on.

Important facts

Before you go through its procedure, you have to compile a computer to run the tool. And even the PC should install USB drivers. Drivers must be the latest since the device and the PC need the stable background to connect with each other. Since there are several ROM files and procedure in the same manner because of their unique differences, users should carefully resolve them first. And also, make certain that you certainly know how to put the device into download mode.

How to flash using download Samsung Odin?


  • When you start the procedure, you have to make sure that you kept safe all important data files. If not, backup them right away or remove the memory chip
  • Prepare a computer and install recommended Samsung USB drivers there. The computer does not matter being a Windows or a Macintosh
  • Download the recent version of Odin
  • And then turn for physical preparations and arrange a connectable data cable
  • Finally, you have to check out your model number of the handset and download a reliable ROM file right away. And then extract the package and save safely

The step guide

download samsung Odin

  • In here, you have to put the device into download mode and connect to the machine that prepared using the USB cable
  • Put the device into download mode then and check the UI to display “Added!”. If it will be there, it means you have been perfectly linked
  • And then turn to those buttons and click the AP to surf the certain tar file there that you extracted
  • Once you will properly apply the tar file there, you should check whether all your arrangements are proper above
  • If they are, tap on the certain Start button at the bottom of the interface right away
  • So it will begin the serious part of the procedure and end within the next ten minutes. If a successful result will move toward, the UI will display PASS! If not, it will replace as RESET!

Troubleshooting tips

If you are with the first result, then you can remove the cable from the device and check whether flashed firmware works properly. If it is the next, then you better check out all your preparations and movements to find out the reason for becoming an unsuccessful process.

However, failure procedures have some reasons such as improper arrangements, older USB drivers, incompatible firmware/ROM and so on. And even when the device seems not connected, it may be because of the cable or else for those improper USB ports.

And sometimes, when your device is one of the hottest models, it as well may be a reason for that the tool cannot identify you. So you have to careful several things before you gone through even as a Samsung user. If you are confident, the process as well will become a victory.

Wrapping up

Those fellows with Samsung Android Smartphone and Tablet can simply flash and root their devices using the brave Odin. It is not another flashing tool that can only support to upgrade or downgrade the device. Behind its standing as a complex of features, you can even get root permission, recover when the device got system issues and further as well. So you can try out the hottest version 3.13.1 on your S8 models too. If you are interested in further details, go throughout previous posts. Bring there download Samsung Odin on your computer and let it renew your handset’s system entirely. Stay there for further updates of the utility as we hope there will be some more tremendous updates there.

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