How To Root Android – Download Odin And Root Samsung Smartphones Easily

How To Root Android

Android rooting has become more and more popular among Android users than in previous years by now. Most of Android users are searching for new rooting tools to find out most successful rooting tool. As Google has tightened Android security, it has been very hard for developers to develop a new rooting tool in addition to the few tools that are floating around now. Odin is one of the competitive rooting solutions which is prefered by Samsung Galaxy smartphone users mostly than other available rooting applications.

Samsung Odin

Basically, Samsung Odin is not as same as other regular rooting applications. It is a Windows-based flashing utility software and recommended for flashing Samsung Galaxy smartphones when they are bricked. Samsung uses Odin programme at their service centres and some of their documents guide users to use Odin even they have not released the tool publicly. So, you might be thinking of how a flashing utility becomes one of the competitive rooting solutions. That is because Odin is not only limited to flashing ROMs and Recovery files but also it can flash compatible root packages too. That is why it has become one of the competitive rooting solutions. Being the Samsung official utility has increased the reputation of Odin as a rooting solution as same as being the official flashing utility

How To Use Samsung Odin As A Rooting Solution

As mentioned above, Samsung Odin is a flashing utility and it can only flash compatible files on your Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Technically, Odin has been designed to flash files in .tar and .tar.md5 extensions and all the Odin flashable files come in these extensions. Now, you may see that you need a root file in these extensions to flash through Odin to gain root acess. All the competitive root files come in Zip extension and you cannot flash them using Odin. So, there must be a specific root package that is compatible with Odin. Is there a root file like that? Yes. That is CF-Auto-Root package. CF-Auto-Root package comes in Zip extension but it contains CF-Auto-Root root application in tar.md5 extension and the Odin application which must be used to flash the root file. Now, you may understand how to use Samsung Odin to root your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

root android


CF-Auto-Root was developed by Chainfire who was a well-known legend in XDA developers. Currently, he has stopped development for all the root-related apps. But most of his products are still being used but you cannot receive any support or development from him as of now. But CF-Auto-Root has not been abandoned as it is not related to rooting apps development directly. So, you can create root package for any smasung firmware at Chanfire’s Firmware. Mobi website. As things are going like this you do not worry about how to root Android 2019 if you are a Samsung Galaxy smartphone user who is trying to root your device using Odin. Are you regretting not being a Samsung Galaxy user? Do not worry. You can download fastboot flashable CF-Auto-Root package for your device from the official site and flash it on your device using fastboot mode


  • Arrange a Windows computer
  • Download and Install Android USB drivers
  • Unlock the device bootloader
  • Download accurate CF-Auto-Root package for your Samsung Galaxy device and extract the file
  • Compatible USB cable
root android

How To Root Your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Using Odin

  • 1 Step – Charge your smartphone and backup all the data
  • 2 Step – Extract the CF-Auto-Root package that you have already downloaded
  • 3 Step – Switch off your smartphone
  • 4 Step – Press and Hold Volume down + Home+ Power button at once and keep holding them until you get the default warning screen
  • 5 Step – When you get it, press Volume Up button to enter the “Download Mode”
  • 6 Step – Next, connect your smartphone to your Windows computer
  • 7 Step – Go to the location where you have extracted the root package and find the Odin application
  • 8 Step – Right-click on the app and select “Run as administrator” to run the application
  • 9 Step – On the Odin interface, check ID: COM area and it must be in blue colour if it has detected your device
  • 10 Step – Then, click the “AP” button on Odin and place the CF-Auto-Root file in .tar.md5 that you can find in the extracted zip file before

After loading the file, check the “Log” box in Odin and it will show you that Odin is loading data. At the end of data loading, you will see “Leave CS” command and then, click “Start” button to begin the flashing process. Wait until the Odin show you “Pass” message. Your device will restart at the end of the process in recovery mode and you need to leave the recovery mode using the volume buttons to get back to normal mode.

Final Word

It is important to reboot your device into recovery mode at the end of the flashing process to have successful rooting. Therefore, you need to reboot your device in to recovery mode manually if it has not rebooted in recovery mode itself.

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