How To Root Android – Guide To Install OTA Updates On Magisk Rooted Samsung

Magisk is one of the most popular and successful rooting solutions for almost all Android smartphones. Most of Android users have already rooted their smartphones using and already getting the benefits of it. Since Magisk has been designed to root the Android smartphones without tampering system partition, most of the users try to replace their existing rooting solution with Magisk. The key reason for the higher demand for Magisk is Google Safetynet Attestation API which helps Andriod app developers to check the purity of the Android platform which the app is running on. Google Safetynet attestation API restrict the app from running if the dedicated Android has been tampered by the device owner.

Installing OTA updates On A Rooted Android Device

Generally, the stock recovery of your device needs to be replaced with custom recovery when you try to root your Android device using root binary flashing method (Magisk, SuperSU). Technically, your device cannot receive the OTA updates if you are running on a custom recovery. So, you need to flash the stock recovery again and the stock kernel if you have replaced it with a custom one. But, if you have rooted your device using CF-Auto-Root via Samsung Odin, there is no risk as CF-Auto-Root re-flash the Stock recovery after rooting process.

Prerequisites To Install OTA Updates On Magisk Rooted Devices

  • Disable Automatic system updates in developer options to stop automatic OTA updates
  • If OTA updates available Go to Magisk Manager > Uninstall > Restore Images (Do not reboot) to restore your boot image back

Installation Guide

This section will help you to learn the way to install OTA updates on Magisk Rooted Samsung smartphones using the FlashFire on-device firmware flasher which is recognized as the spiritual successor to the Mobile ODIN app, As Magisk root the Android devices without touching system partion of the device, you can install OTA updates easier than on the other rooted devices

Note: Do not use this method on devices with A/B partitions and also this method will not work on latest Samsung smartphones as the FlashFire app is no longer maintained by Chaifire who is the developer of the app

  • 1 Step – Restore the boot image (Magisk Manager > Uninstall > Restore Images) of your Samsung device to stock images as all the Magisk modifications have been stored in the boot partition of the device
  • 2 Step – Download the OTA following Settings > System > System Updates
  • 3 Step – Do not tap on the reboot to install the updates
  • 4 Step – Download FlashFire and Install it on your device
  • 5 Step – Launch the application and it will detect the OTA zip.
  • 6 Step – Then, you will get a Pop-Up message and tap on “OK” to continue the process
  • 7 Step – Next, disable EverRoot option in Actions screen
  • 8 Step – Then, Tap on the Plus button in the actions screen and add a new action to flash Magisk zip after the OTA generates itself after giving Ok in Step 6
  • 9 Step – Finally, tap on the big Flash button to update your device with Magisk
  • 10 Step – After a short while, your device will reboot along with software updates with Magisk installed

Final Word

Do not perform the process unless you have not restored the boot image of your device back to its original condition. Because your device cannot pass pre-OTA block verifications with an altered boot image.

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