How To Root Android Pie On Samsung Galaxy A10

Are you a proud owner of brand new Samsung Galaxy A10 smartphone? Do you have an idea to root it to expand the stock capabilities of your Android smartphone? If so, Magisk is the best solution as of now. As far as I know, Magisk is not a strange thing to Android root lovers. But, technically, Magisk cannot root your Samsung Galaxy A10 device as rooting a regular Android smartphone since it is running on Android Pie. In here, I am going to explain to you, how Magisk should be used to root the Samsung Galaxy A10 on Android Pie. Actually, this process is not specific for Samsung but also for all the Android smartphones running on Android Pie.

System-as-root In Android Pie

Technically, all the smartphones that are shipped with Android Pie or higher must use System-as-root which merges ramdisk.img into system.img and make rootfs accessible after the merging process. Generally, Magisk is installed in the boot partition. In case of boot partition unavailable ramdisk partition or recovery_ramdisk partition is used. Since Android Pie devices use System-as-root to merge the ramdisk.img into the system.img, Magisk cannot be installed in ramdisk.img in Android Pie and it is installed in recovery partiton .

As a result of this, users cannot root Android Pie devices Magisk as usual in a custom recovery. Let’s get to know how to use Magisk on Android Pie. First of all, I would like to mention that Magisk Root on Android Pie is a bit complicated process and you need some advanced knowledge. If you feel you do not have enough knowledge to process check how to root with Odin which is simpler than Magisk Root.

root odin

Precaution Before Rooting Samsung Galaxy A10 With Magisk

  • Magisk trips your Samsung Knox warrnaty
  • Magisk patches stock vbmeta, boot and recovery partitions on your device. You cannot restore them back to stock separately unless doing full Odin restore after giving it a factory reset
  • You cannot upgrade your device through flashing the stock AP tar file since three partitions has been already patched after installing Magisk. So, you need to pre-patch the firmware before flashing via Odin
  • If you do not need to patch the full firmware file, you can create .tar files for vbmeta.img, boot.img, and recovery.img and have them patched through Magisk Manager
  • Magisk is installed in recovery partition of your device and the length of the time period you keeping the Volume up button pressed determine the Magisk recovery or actual recovery


  • Stock Recovery key combination > Splash screen > Release all buttons > System with Magisk
  • Stock Recovery key combination > Splash screen > Keep pressing volume up > Actual recovery

Make sure to pay your attention in advanced to the above issues since installing Magisk on Android Pie and higher versions are a bit risky than installing it on other lower Android versions. It is better if you could avoid it if you are lack of knowledge in Android partitions and images.



  • Unlock the bootloader of Samsung Galaxy A10
  • Get a complete back up of your device (Installing Magisk on you device first times requires a full data wipe)
  • You need to update the Magisk via Magisk Manager after installing Magisk since flashing in recovery does not support

How To Root Samsung Galaxy A10

  • Download the correct firmware file for your Samsung Galaxy A10 device on you computer
  • Unzip the folder and find the AP tar file
  • Copy the AP tar file to your device from your computer
  • Download and Install latest Magisk Manager APK on your device
  • Launch Magisk Manager > Tap Install > Install > Tap on Select and Patch a File > select the AP tar file
  • Go to Internal Storage > Download > find the magisk_patched.tar file and copy it to your computer
  • Next, boot your A10 device to download Mode and connect it to your computer
  • Launch Samsung Odin application and uncheck the “Auto Reboot” under the options tab
  • Flash the magisk_patched.tar (patched AP file) along with other files as usual via Odin
  • Press Power + Volume Down and leave the download mode after flashing
  • Press Power + Bixby + Volume Up as soon as screen off, to boot your device in to stock recovery mode and keep pressing the Volume Up key untill you see the stock recovery screen
  • In stock recovery mode, select Wipe data/factory reset to erase device data
  • Next, select Reboot system now and press Power + Bixby + Volume Up as soon as after selecting it
  • Release all three buttons after getting the bootloader warning screen to boot the device in to the system with Magisk
  • Finally, the device will reboot automatically and it is not abnormal as it has been designed for it

Final Word

Usually, you may see the Magisk Manager on your device screen after rebooting. If you cannot see it, download Magisk Manager manually and open it. In the first opening, Magisk Manager app will upgrade itself and ask you to do some additional setups. When done, the app will reboot your device and you are ready to use Magisk Rooted Samsung Galaxy A10

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