How to use Odin tool?

In today’s guide, we are going to give you a complete guide to how to use Odin tool? It is not complicated when you know each step to go through one by one. It will help you to solve whatever software related issue or else to upgrade/downgrade and even turn into the root as well with proper uses. This is how to flash your device. You can use the recent Odin version 3.13.1 or any other version if you are perfect. The latest version brought compatibility with Mac and start to support new device models and even Oreo ROM files too.

how to use odin

How to use Odin tool?

Go through each point that we give you carefully and remember not to miss any single thing if you wish to end the process successfully. You can visit the Sammobile website for free stock ROM files. The membership is totally free and it is unlimited. And even ROM files are safe and reliable that can extract as tar files that Odin can read.


  • Download Odin latest version on Windows or Mac
  • Install USB drivers to the computer
  • Download a recommended ROM file
  • Extract both files that you download above
  • Create a complete backup of data
  • Compile a proper USB cable
  • Put the device into download mode using Power, volume and home keys

Step guide

  • Run Odin file and open the user interface
  • Connect the device to the computer and check if the UI got a text to confirm that the device successfully connected
  • Click the AP button at the options list and browse the tar file that you extract and save
  • If everything seems to be ok, simply click the start button to start the process
  • Keep the device on the table and let it move smoothly. Do not try to do any movement for it may bother the normal process
  • It will take around ten minutes and will end the process with a reboot
  • When the process will end, you can unplug the device and check if the user interface notes that the process succeeded as PASS!

Troubleshooting tips

  • If the device will not detect when connect to the computer; check the port that connected, cable connectivity, and drivers that installed should be the latest
  • If you will end with fail result, try few more times with proper entries
  • The ROM file that you brought must be tar
  • It is Odin 3.13.1 as the only version that can download on Mac while all prior versions are Windows-only

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