Something to know about Knox Warranty void

Are you a Samsung device user, then you must know about Knox warranty and things around Knox Warranty void. Entering the story, I would like to tell you about Know Warranty which is a security feature that could detect whether unofficial software has been got on the device. By Know warranty void, you can get the device exposed to security threats. Then how to keep your Samsung secured?

Knox Warranty void

Knox Warranty could detect if a non-Knox kernel has got on the device. This can call a one-time programmable bit e-fuse. And it can turn from 0X0 to. So in case if non-Knox boot loader/ kernel has been loaded on the Samsung device, the security Knox takes could no longer guarantee. So it results in Warranty Bit tripped to 0X1. This says the devices can no longer guarantee Knox security and it has some exposure to threats.

What to experience when Knox Warranty void?

Security is the first thing to consider anything. So with no difference, it applies to your Samsung device. Then what could happen if you find Knox warranty void?

Allowed no creation on new Workspace on the respective device

All data encrypted and stored could not be retrieved in the Workspace

You would not be allowed to make use of other services like Samsung Pay and secure folder when Knox security stop working

How to take a quick check up?

Do you know how to check whether the Warranty Bit has tripped? It is easy to know the security standards of the device. So follow the steps.

Step 1: Turn your device off

Step 2: Once done, press the volume down, home button and power at the same time

Step 3: It will then come with the warning screen. Now press the volume up and continue

Step 4: In the upper left-side corner of the screen, you will find the status of Know warranty

So in case if it shows that Knox WARRANTY VOID: 0x01, it indicates, the device will no longer support with the warranty. So if you need a fix on this, you must replace the PBA (Printed Board Assembly) of the respective device. So simply, it requires a hardware replacement to overcome the matter and verify the device security back.

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