Odin download latest versions – changelogs

Odin is the only utility available for Samsung operators to flash, root or recover their beloved Android Smartphone or Tablets. This was initially launched only to be used in service stations for recovery, technical and upgrading purposes. But now, things become smoother and Odin download now available to the audience that facilitates even Custom ROM/kernel/ root features either. Thus, you do not need to bring your phone to stations once you have to solve any firmware related thing. All its user-friendly manner and free obtainability will make you easier with all. However, in this guide, you can go through changelogs of tool versions that would be pretty worthy for both new and old device holders.


Odin download latest versions – Changelogs

  • V3.12.5 and V3.12.4

File tagged as odin3_12.5.zip in size of 1.3 megabytes. As frequently, it licensed as a freeware which comes via the author odin3. Performance and application enhancements are the contained updates to the recent.

  • V12.12.3

This launched in January 2016 fixing many errors and issues of the prior. The incompatibility of Galaxy S7 and S& Edge USA models has been successfully patched. Moreover, Note 7 and Note 6 are some of other new models that the edition contained.

  • V3.11.1

Newly added the support for several files such as “Flash Home_CSC_…Galaxy S7 Edge, S7 (No file_…Home wipe data, wipe data file_…CSC). Furthermore, this efficaciously suggested for those devices running Marshmallow

  • V3.10.7

As a new content, RTN now has been added to the version for Sprint. The supportiveness for the Lollipop software is highly approved. And all recent devices are supporting for flash or whichever similar

  • V3.10.6

Some options of the graphical user interface renewed for a better coverage. And UFS/UX as well added to new components. Start properly work on Galaxy S6 and S7 which polished issued areas and bugs with enrichments

  • V3.10.5

Start supporting those handsets comes with ufs. A new feature that will hold Mass UX added while some others appear nonessential removed from the GUI.

  • V3.10.3

Parameter erases issue resolved including a code which known as RQT_INIT_DATA_SALESCODE. All new feature handset support and new Drag&Drop selection are the highlighted contents at this time

  • V3.10

Compatibility enhancements and interface renewals with fixed options are contained

Odin download


Samsung Odin download essentials for all versions

USB drivers

USE drivers are an essential part to create a stable network between the device and the PC. So it is required to install the recent version of USB drivers to the Windows personal computer you are ought to use

Windows-only compatibility

Windows is the only platform that Odin download can run. Any version of Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 are drivable

Chose the perfect version

You may not able to flash your Samsung with the latest tool version. So you must make sure that the utility edition you selected is perfect and safe

Moreover, for any incorrect step that you will make, the procedure as well will go wrong and void the handset warranty. But the tool’s stability is certain devoid any corrupt issues. In fact, all the utility do is cope flash authorizations for applications on your handset.

By the way, you can refer our previous guides for flashing, rooting, unbrick and many other operations to accomplish effective upshots. So enjoy the whole with Odin, your beloved Samsung partner.

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