Odin download free for custom kernel flash

As many of you seem to look for a proper custom kernel flash step guide, here is our narration today to lead you through Odin download free. If your choice was a Samsung Android Smartphone, Odin would be the most excellent and the sole application for flashing approaches. Of course, it is a tiny utility comes for stock ROM flash. But also, with its supportive features, we can go through further movements as well. Are you ready?

odin download free

Flash a custom Kernel with Odin download free

Here is the complete guide to flash a custom kernel with the brave Odin tool. There are several considerations as follow ahead to the process to gain perfect results. Here we go.


  • Download the utility and should extract it
  • Make certain that the device fully charged
  • Download an applicable custom kernel as well
  • To arrange developer options, turn to Settings > use the build number with several taps on it
  • The OEM unlock should enable (Original Equipment Manufacturer)
  • And then arrange the computer by install USB drivers in it. If you already had drivers, they should be the latest

How to?

odin download free

  • First of all, you can go to the respective extracted package to start the procedure using the exe file content. So just right click on the specific file and use the Run as administrator option
  • Boot the device in to download mode by power off. Use the Volume down button, Home and the Power key while holding all three keys at the same time
  • And then use the USB cable and connect it to the PC without any doubt right away
  • Keep your eyes with the Messages box until it displays “Added!!” note to confirm that your connection has been succeeded
  • Now you should turn to the particular AP button on Odin 3.13.1 and tap it to browse the certain kernel. It must be a tar file
  • Once you properly browse the package, you can click the Start button and commence the procedure
  • Now the manual movements have been ended. Just put the device on the table and remain for a few minutes around 10 till it confirms that it is finish
  • A long reboot will happen automatically and will display the Samsung logo in it. For further confirmations, you can check the top of the UI for the certain PASS! note
  • Once it open, carefully remove the USB plug and check everything

Tips to remember during Odin download free

As there are several troubleshooting tips, users better be prepared with them as well. We have been posted previously a complete troubleshooting guide to follow with whatever procedure based on Odin.

Wrapping up

So this is how we can flash a custom kernel in a proper and a safe manner using the famed Samsung flashing dealer we call Odin. We assure you that the process will succeed when you go behind an apt step guide or guidance. Having the latest version that supports your handset type is the recommended coverage for further success results.

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