One click root with Samsung Odin

Rooting means you are on your way to reaching the peak of the best performance and everything. Having a rooted Smartphone will give you all you desire through your beloved technical equipment. However, today we are going to concern the topic one click root through Odin. Since the company has been advanced the implement to the latest 3.13.1, it is time to turn a new chapter with sharp performances supportive movements. Here is the tool with more and more new features that you have been waited since far. Want to become rooted in a simple approach? Here is everything.

one click root

Root using download Samsung Odin latest version

Having an advanced version of Odin is really interesting for both flash and root. In our topic, let’s concern what are the beneficial facts having the newest edition when we desire to root our Smartphone. With Odin 3.13.1, you are capable to launch the application on both Mac and Windows. It is an interesting modification for it was Windows-only until we passed the just finished 3.12.7 either. So there are no worries to compile a virtual PC or any other option while you allow opening Odin even with your Mac OS X. And there is one more thing. It is about the support that the utility can now perform with Android Oreo. It means you can simply root any handset running Android Oreo once it supports for flashing too.

One click root with Odin

Since there are many utilities these days for single click rooting, you might confuse whether Odin as well can now perform one click root approach. For the specific term mostly based on APK models applications, there should be something similar to Odin as well. But the truth is it does not hold such an implement at any condition. Those who desire to root through Odin download have to move via its desktop-based drive. For whatever feature you want from should request the version 3.13.1.

one click root

One click root – The best option for Samsung

Of course, there may be a heap of third-party apps for single-click approach. But as always, it is important to make certain that your selection is perfect for the device. In that manner, Odin is the highest choice when you are a Samsung dealer. It is unquestionable though the procedure might a little longer than frequent APKs. But it is the most reliable. Therefore, it is up to you.

Final words

Easy customization of Samsung Android devices will let you reach the best of best always. But the user had a duty to arrange the path without miss any single opportunity. In that manner, Odin as well as an opportunity for those who extremely dedicated to advance their handsets. By the way, though this may not the utility you expected to accomplish just with a single tap. But we assure you that this is the best and the sharpest manner that you all can go through. Let it bring all based on root status simply without any complex. Stay tuned with us for the complete guide and more info.

One click root using Samsung Odin 3.13.1

Samsung Inc has been updated their dedicated utility Odin a few weeks back. The update perfectly works with Android Oreo functioning Smartphone and Tablet. Throughout the recent Odin 3.13.1 supports custom or stock ROM/Kernel flash and brings root permission on particular devices. Therefore, those who are looking for one click root on their handsets capable to perform it using this beloved utility. Since it is desktop based software, there are a couple of points to discuss. So we brought you here some of those in briefly.

one click root

All-new features of Odin 3.13.1

Samsung Odin 3.13.1 has been updated with advanced performances and functionalities. And even its proficiency exposed from Windows-only to both Windows and Mac. So the utility no longer needs to frame just with Windows. Moreover, the best thing is it has been confirmed the applicability of Oreo functioning Smartphone and Tablets.

One click root with Odin latest version

Since the recent version of tool Odin capable to work based on advanced devices, users capable to simply get root permission on their handsets running Android Oreo. There may be some other rooting tools and that has been released for the identical OS. But being with Samsung is truly admirable when Odin download is there for any advanced procedure related to your device operating system. However, from both flash and root, you can customize your structure thanks to its recent 3.13.1 version.

Though it may not appear as a single click rooting approach, it is not that complicate once you go through its PC based drive. Launch the application on your Mac or Windows and go through each step prudently. Since this is not about an APK, you may confuse whether it will complicate. But for its unique features and performance, you will be capable to simply move.

One click root features

As usually, when your device system brings root access on your way, you will be able to carry out many tasks in a simple way. There are thousands of root-only apps, that you can use in varies ways. To hibernate background apps, block some features, unblock hidden features, boost the performance, access prices app for free of charge and some further.

The procedure

  • Install Samsung USB drivers to the computer you equipped
  • Download Odin and CF auto root file from the official host
  • Right away, extract both files
  • Run Odin and commence the process
  • Put the phone or the tab into download mode. For that, you have to use, Power, Volume and Home buttons respectively
  • Right away, connect the handset to the machine
  • Tap on the AP key and draw the tar file there
  • Once everything completed, Start the operation

one click root


Prepare the Smartphone in accordance with guidelines before the procedure. Backup all important files or remove the SD card for all your data might lose if something goes wrong during the root process. Moreover, the prepared PC, the cable, and ports that going to connect are important to make certain that are perfectly connectable and workable. Try a couple of times to triumph the process if it fails at the first attempt.

Download Samsung Odin latest version 3.13.1

As we have been spelled out, Odin collected its recent update a couple of days back. The latest edition got a wide range of uses that capacity to perform on your device perfectly and in a better manner. The major reason behind the newest release was Android Oreo support. Since it capable to specifically set you free with Samsung LZ4 lossless compression technique it is the key path to setup Oreo devoid of any trouble. However, you are capable to download the hottest version 3.13.1 of Samsung Odin for free with the full support of flash, root, recover and so on.

samsung odin

Download Samsung Odin 3.13.1

Although Odin is a kind of a flashing utility, it comprises several useful functionalities such as flash recoveries, custom ROMs, brings root permission, set up modems, PIT and CSC file arrangements and so on. Among all these, you will capable to flash devices with Android Oreo as indicated to bring a handset to an advanced level. Those who desire to wipe the entire system to resolve a trouble capable to bring the utility there and simply modify it just for free.

Special points to remember with download Samsung Odin

Tar is the certain file types that Odin capable to perform through. Either you are going to move through a custom package, the file format is an important fact to be confirmed. And then, there is one more thing that you are capable to gladly receive. It is about previous Windows-only capability which has been exposed over Mac OS X too recently. The version 3.13.1 is the update that you should bring there in order to run even on your Apple Macintosh. So it is a great option at this time to stay far from virtual Windows support and further.

samsung odin

The new procedure

It seems there are no much-highlighted features with the utility apart from its Android 8.0 and Mac support. The process as well seems to be the same. And the only path that we used to transfer firmware kits is download mode that also calls Odin mode. Those who are with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, 7, Note 8, and Galaxy S8 and S8 plus are recommended to go through the newest edition of the utility to bring about perfect results.

Winding up

By the way, it is glad as we got an interesting arrangement of tool Odin with its hottest update. The newest chapter capable to let its users flash using Odin 3.13.1 on their Mac as well and that, unlike previous releases. Moreover, bring your Samsung Galaxy S8 or whatever latest handset and set the most preferred firmware simply. As it comes for free of charge, this would be the best way to escape even when you are in a trouble by wipe out everything. And the best thing would be those who are looking for a great manner to walk through Android 8.0 manually over their beloved Smartphone kits. All you have to do is download the utility and drive it as often to accomplish fruitful consequences.

Samsung Odin 3.12.7 with all new features

As we excitedly remain for an update for Odin tool, its brave developer Samsung Inc has been announced there is enrichment addressed the gather as 3.13.1 as the replacement of previous Samsung Odin 3.12.7.  The best newsflash is, it specifically addressed Android Oreo and that break the limitation of Windows only support too. Therefore, you are welcome to Mac either to be applied 3.13.1. As often, the utility seems to be applicable to almost all Android kits. To flash ROM files comes as stock or custom, root the system, kernel flashing plus recovery options are available through key functions. By the way, it is time for those who newly want to drive the operation to settle the most recent update and come to a perfect destination. And those who had errors with prior editions better check whether the latest support them.

samsung odin 3.12.7

Flash with Samsung Odin 3.12.7

Since we have been guided you through the earlier version 3.12.7 since far, it is time to navigate the story with the recent Odin 3.13.1. Since this has been precisely launched in an aim to address users hold newest OS Oreo functioning smartphone and tablet. As often, Samsung is the only brand that capable to apply. As specified above, the recent utility offered users the chance to work even with Mac OS X in addition to frequent Windows. So it is a great turning point and that made users easier than go over virtual PCs.

By the way, the procedure will be the same which we used on several occasions. It will request a couple of changes in the same manner.

Important points with Samsung Odin 3.12.7

It is important knowing 3.12.7 is just a Windows-only while the update capable to work with both operating systems. Though 3.13.1 highlighted Android 8.0, it also works on whatever previous OS either. Smart kits such as Galaxy S8 Plus and Galaxy S8 now got their invitation.

The latest Odin v3.13.1

Since many Android fans complained a couple of similar issues while working behind the newest system Oreo, there is no any method to escape apart from Odin. You can restore to the previous OS or else carry out challenging custom kernel or firmware. And even root permission will capable to perform once there will be proper files such as CF auto root respectively.

As the latest edition, 3.13.1 has a special responsibility in order to support almost all Samsung devices including newest releases such as S8 series. If you are with any of those troubles related to Oreo, here is the best solution.

samsung odin 3.12.7

Winding up

Thanks to Samsung Inc, we could receive the recent version 3.13.1 as the successor of 3.12.7 of our dedicated Odin utility. And it is great as well collected a couple of fixes and enhancements that made the procedure flawless. And the latest capable to support you without any trouble even based on Apple Mac to flash or whatever accomplishment over Android Oreo. However, break the limitation that kept you surrounded Windows. Those who are with Smartphone kits running Android 8.0 capable to accomplish flashing procedure using these new releases.

Samsung Odin – Important points to remember

This may be your first look at Odin tool. And you might be confused what exactly it means? We have been guided you each and every single part of the utility since far. You can search them with whatever query you have. However, our narration will unveil a couple of significant parts of Samsung Odin download here. Those who replicate to a Samsung handset or else just started to turn around Odin can get a brief clarification about.

samsung odin

Windows-only requirement

Since the internal toolkit of Odin is an exe which can readable only through Windows system, there is no further recommended platforms apart from. It does not matter you are with a Macintosh or a Linux. At least you should navigate to virtual PC package optionally. And Heimdall is the alternative utility which capable to use with Mac OS X. You better turn our previous pages if there is any doubt.

How to select ROM/Kernel or respective files?

Recall the required file format. It is tar or md5. Without them, not any other type of package will capable to drive throughout the utility. In many cases, users fall to flash stock firmware it can use on many occasions. Therefore, it is not that complicated to find out official kits for each and every ROM capable to find out from Sammobile website. It is the official site of Samsung to find out many responses in varies cases.

However, it is simple to work with an official ROM rather than worry about tar format since it hard to find out the recommended from custom kits. It is the reason behind we cannot encounter more than few guides such as flash custom ROMs for most of those packages that offer resources comes in zip setup.

The latest version of Samsung Odin download

It seems the developer did not launch a new version of the tool for the year 2018 thus far. But for it was just a few months and more to go, we hope a newly created edition will address the gather in nearly future. And in accordance with some other sources, not every device will require the recent edition. But for those newfangled ones such as Galaxy Note 8 and so on, you better attempt throughout Odin 3.12.7. It is up to you to make certain the compatibility of your device with the respective edition you selected.

samsung odin

Is there any certain step guide to Samsung Odin download?

This as well one of the important questions. Although Odin capable to apply in the root, kernel or custom ROM flash approaches, there are a couple of differences which are significant and should not miss or go wrong. Therefore, once you decide to apply whatever process, search for a proper guide which even comparable with the handset on your hand. It will be helpful to bring everything to an end without any flaw.

By the way, through our post going to bring to an end from here, there are many to discuss behind the name Odin. We hope to let you know if there is any update as soon as possible. Stay there for further.

2018 guide to download odin – Best Samsung ROM flashing tool

As Android smartphone users, we all have undergone a number of problematic situations after remaining a certain period of time.Usually; at the beginning, mobiles functions perfectly. When the device gets older, you will see that it becomes buggy. Other than that; you will notice a lot of malfunctions. If you are a proud Samsung smart mobile device user who had these unpleasant experiences, simply you can use download Odin Samsung in order to get rid of those. When considering this tool, it is especially for ROM flashing operations on Samsung Androids.Through this post, we are going to reveal a lot of important facts about Odin. Here we go!

download odin

More about Download Odin Samsung

Formerly; download Odin samsung used as an internal tool mainly for software-based repairing purposes in the world- famous Android smartphone manufacturer, Samsung Inc. Before several years, this worthy utility leaked through the web accidentally. From that point, it became a public tool and the users found that it is really effective on numerous flashing procedures.

Things to consider are:

But, download Odin Samsung is known as such a powerful utility which requires a special attention when dealing with that. One tiny mistake can convert your handset into an expensive paperweight. So, keep it in your mind thoroughly before starting the flashing journey.

Here’s why Odin has become so popular in the community:

Odin is a freeware which can be obtained via the XDA Developers as they are the responsible people on all the development related works. That is why; you can download Odin samsung without making any payments. Except for the XDA Developer forum, there are many websites which offer this worthy tool for free.

The version 3,12,5 is the up-to-the-date conversion of download Odin samsung which is available at the moment. We advise you to use this version first in order to reach the success point.

Positive consequences of using download Odin

You will be able to experience a load of positive consequences on your device after performing various kinds of flashing operations with this awesome utility. Here, we would like to state a bit of them.

You can enhance hardware performance as well as software performance through using Odin free download. Other than that; the security and the safety of the device will be ensured through adding security patches. Meanwhile; you will be able to switch to the currently available latest chapter of the Android OS as soon as it released. This is a great advantage. Unlike iOS updates which are released through OTA updates, Android OS updates take a considerable time to become available in different time zones. Occasionally; it takes few months to become available after the official release. But, Odin gives you the chance to get them immediately after the Golden Master release.

download odin

Things to remember

Keep in your mind that Odin is not able to deal with all formats of ROM files. Only three types of firmware are ready to go ahead with Odin.

  • .tar.md5
  • bin
  • .tar

There are a few things that we would like to emphasize here. As mentioned earlier, download Odin Samsung is a powerful utility. Therefore; it is wiser to keep a full backup of all the device data before the initiation of the flashing process so that you can face any sudden case of data loss. Grab the original USB wire and the relevant device drivers in accordance with the model of the device. This is a Windows-based tool as you do not have any chance on Mac or Linux PCs.

Completely Unroot your device using Samsung Odin

Those fellows who wish to simply move through OTA arrangements but cannot accomplish for being rooted should unroot their system first. But, when you use often unroot technique to undo the entire, it is a complete recovery since the system might have some issues and that will certainly put you into troubles. Therefore, having Samsung Odin would be interesting to since it also gave you a second chance to return to official status and save your cherished phone from soft-brick and further worries. So today, our narration will be about how to unroot using Odin tool latest version. Even for those who had troubles with their rooted kit as well should check this out. Here we go.

samsung odin

How to unroot with Samsung Odin download?

First of all, you should check both separated sections of this guide before practically check out since there are a couple of important points to remember.

Samsung Odin download preparations

  • Put the device into Odin mode
  • Download latest Samsung phone drivers to the PC and install
  • Search for the newest Odin version and download it as well
  • Navigate to Sammobile webpage and request for the firmware model that recommended for the device type that you hold
  • And then it is time to extract both software package and save separately on your desktop
  • Go to Odin exe > right click on the file > enter “Run as administrator”

samsung odin

The procedure

  • Use a cable and connect the phone to the computer
  • Stay patiently for the handset has to detect perfectly
  • Once the above step will be completed, go to the list of buttons and choose the AP switch. When a window will open to browse the file, go to where you saved the tar firmware kit and bring it gradually
  • And then patiently keep your eyes on the “Log” section of the interface. When it will display “Leave CS” it is time to escape
  • Tap Start key. So the process will begin and take more than 5 minutes to bring to an end

Important facts

To arrange Odin mode, you have to shut down the phone > press and continue Volume down > Power + Home button until the warning alert will display. And then only you have to move to the Volume up till it let you know that the mode has been activated

Wrapping up

Unroot using a proper method is important when you need complete official status back. And even it supports you to go through clear Over The Air updates without any error. Furthermore, some of you may tire being with root-only features since far. And it is good to clean the entire system and save it from serious issues such as bricking the phone and so on. So as a Samsung user, you can resolve things in a better manner thanks to Odin. On the grounds, it is not just about flashing your device; it also stands in whatever situation to rescuer your beloved device. And actually, it will become a second chance for you to be saved from troubles such as bootloop and brick. Check previous stories for clear guides about those topics.

Odin download – Recover a bricked device

So today we are going to guide you how to escape from one of the horrible experiences as a Smartphone user. This mostly transpires as a result of unsafe root approaches and flash custom packages. As a Samsung user, you got a perfect escape settlement thanks to Odin download. All you have to do is flash a stock ROM through recommended guidelines. So it will harmonize all those broken areas of the system and bring you the old device back. So here is the guide. We have assumed you a couple of previous guides as well that you can bring up for further.

odin download


  • Backup all files and everything on your Smartphone
  • Prepare good a Windows computer
  • Install latest USB drivers in it
  • Download Odin latest version and a respective stock ROM. The firmware should be applicable on your device model
  • And then you should extract both downloads above
  • Power down on your handset and get ready to put it into download mode

Flash with Samsung Odin download

  • Use Volume, Home and Power keys separately to arrange Odin mode on your Smartphone

odin download

  • And then run Odin exe file right away to open the UI
  • Now you should bring a proper USB cable and connect the computer to the handset
  • Once it detects, go to respective keys on your right-hand side and click AP to bring the respective tar file there
  • And then, click the Start key at the bottom section of the interface

Odin download

  • The entire procedure may take around 10 minutes to replace the software. When it drops a reboot, you can make certain that it has been ended.

Troubleshoot tips for Samsung Odin download

  • Fail the first attempt does not mean that you are not eligible to flash your handset. Try out a couple of times. And make certain that you have not mistaken any single guideline
  • If you will stuck Odin at some stages, make certain the utility package you downloaded is latest and the finest. If not, uninstall the current kit and replace the latest
  • Those who fail Odin mode arrangement should take away the handset battery for a while. After that, you can replace it and do the same arrangements
  • When the utility fails to recognize the handset, it may be for drivers is not the latest or a trouble with used ports or the cable
  • We have given you a complete post of troubleshooting that you refer for more info.

Winding up

Odin is a common utility for Samsung Android users. It supports through both flash and root the device operating system. It requires a Windows PC, tar file as a ROM/Kernel and a Samsung device to be flashed. Moreover, as acclaimed, users should try out the most recent version 3.12.7 and exist one at the time you desire to go through. However, unbrick and unroot a handset is a considerable resolution by reason of there is no other reasonable and a flawless approach to clarify the trouble. If there is any uncertainty, have a bearing on our foregoing posts. If there will be any update, make an appearance with us as we will up to date everything as soon as possible.

Download Samsung Odin – A brief clarification

So today we are going to unveil a couple of surroundings that you better know before flashing the handset. Download Samsung Odin got amazing features that support its users in an advanced manner. And it is clear the utility is completely different and unique among both rooting and flashing approaches of XDA developers. So this is the reason behind its brave stand for any Samsung

download samsung odin

Download Samsung Odin as a ROM flashing tool

In the state of Android flashing tools, Odin download is a remarkable application for its wonderful features and performances. Generally, it enquires for tar format based ROMs, Kernels and flashable files. In such manner, for the most part, it is official firmware files that go through. Custom firmware term is a rear use for most of those packages cannot find out as tar files. They come in zip format. Since Odin absolutely ignore zip kits, those individuals who interested in custom uses should be careful about.

But there are some packages comes from developers in tar. So there is no further barrier that users can run them as the same manner of stock kits.

When it is about official firmware flash, Sammobile if the place where you have to start search whatever ROM file. The free registration will available many offers for its members. It will be a great opportunity for you will certainly visit it for a couple of times while being a Samsung fellow.

Why is download Samsung Odin so special?

There is a considerable feature behind Odin which will be interesting for everyone. Once your beloved handset is just being official status and then you desire to flash a custom package, you must enter with root permission in most of often flashing uses. But thankfully, behind this challengeable utility, you are free and no need to prove that you are rooted. Technically, it can clarify having a custom recovery and root facts.

download samsung odin

How to flash?

The step guide of the implement is similar on many occasions. But there may be some differences in accordance with device replicas and the process that you expect throughout. We have given you many previous posts about varies procedures with recommended guidelines. You can refer them to grab extract details and even compare specifics as well. Anyhow, while this is just about firmware settlements, root with Odin is completely different from them that you should concern separately.

Even it is about rooting, the tar format will be same. And for whatever, Windows PC is the system requires that you cannot suggest any other instead of. And there is one more thing. Having a virtual PC for Mac or Linux is a good choice. Or else those who are with Apple Mac better refer Heimdall which is the Odin alternative.

Winding up

Since there are some more to discuss, stay tuned with us. Guess the developer will address the gather with another update in the near future for 3.12.7 is the current version and that even offered last year. As indicated, go through our earlier pieces for whatever question or doubt.

Download Samsung Odin – Important features

Once more we are here to let you know what are the most vital approaches and features of download Samsung Odin. The latest version of the utility supports you to recover any Samsung device in whatever state of affairs. Having a tar file in accordance with your procedure with a workable personal computer are the sole requirements. However, here are vital Odin approaches. Just pull things together and get ready to flash.

Download Samsung Odin

Download Samsung Odin features

Stock ROM flash with download Samsung Odin

Flash stock ROM is an interesting procedure on varies occasions. For the most part, stock firmware flash use to upgrade or downgrade a handset. When it is an upgrade, this is the best manner rather than over the air upgrades. However, behind some serious cases such as a bricked device or a bootloop case, there is no any escape option but flash an official firmware. It can repair all issues and injured areas of the system and bring back the fully functional device. And even it does not matter you just want to renew the frame. There is a specific method that you can refer from our previous guides and apply.

Flashing a custom ROM

A custom ROM is an absolutely customized firmware by very own manufacturer. As often, there are many features in addition to a stock firmware package such as sharp and speed performance, a heap of features, enhanced battery coverage and so on. And there are a variety of custom ROM models that users should select in accordance to their preference and specifically with the handset.

However, normally, once you desire to flash such a custom firmware, you should bring root permission to the handset first. But when you come to download Odin, it does not matter you are rooted or non-root. Overall, Custom firmware suggestion is risky in addition to official ROM flash.

download samsung odin

Root Package

Bring root permission to the device structure is the next remarkable feature of Odin. It technically says flash custom root files. In many instances, users bring CF auto root files to flash through Odin tool. For those packages available in tar frame, it is simple and easy to handle via. As often root utilities, it exposes you a plenty of root-only features and almost all you desire from.

Custom kernel

This as well identical to custom firmware apply that we spell out above.  Custom Kernel is an advanced approach of the stock kernels. It as well comes with some features that you do not have them with exist official pack. Anyhow, this as well usually uses to enhance the handset performance and having a sharp practice. Throughout Odin, you can simply arrange a selected kernel on your system. As the same requirement of custom ROM flash, even root status required to flash a custom kernel, you do not have such a limitation with this brave and useful utility.

Wrapping up

Though we just noted only significant features from the Odin list, there are some further accomplishments as well such as flash recovery and so on. However, we have suggested you all those procedures with our previous articles. You can refer them for more info. Request Odin 3.12.7 as the latest and try out to make your device a sharp and a perfect one.