Complete guide to root with download Samsung Odin

As we have been ended our previous post with a promise to unwrap a complete guide to root using download Samsung Odin, we are here today to fulfill it. Android rooting will set your Samsung a brave and a smart port of attaching a heap of attention-grabbing uses and functions. Though it may not be able to offer you an experience of APK, you will not that complex either it is a desktop based application for surrounding perfect features and so on. However, here is our narration for a perfect rooted device.

download samsung odin

Points to remember with download Samsung Odin

Since we have been reported that the utility Odin updated its version to Odin3.13.1, from now, you are welcome to try out everything behind the utility in an advanced manner. Moreover, there are all-new features that you can refer from our prior posts. In fact, the recently exposed its capabilities over Mac OS X and Android Oreo support. However, it does not matter even you want to flash or else root the system. Having the latest would be perfect.

Root with download Samsung Odin


  • Charge the battery up to 100%
  • Backup important data or remove the micro SD card
  • Prepare a Mac or a Windows machine (Mac OS X available for Odin 3.13.1)
  • Install drivers for the computer
  • Download Odin latest version for free
  • And then you have to check for a proper CF auto root file from the web and download it too

download samsung odin

The step guide

  • Check whether you have been perfectly prepared for each condition above
  • Go to the downloaded Odin tool and extract it
  • Get the Smartphone and arrange download mode in it
  • Run Odin file and connect the phone to the computer using a USB cable
  • From options section, mark F.Reset Time and Auto Reboot options
  • And then you have to extract the EC auto root file
  • Now you can go to the respective buttons and click the AP key there to draw the tar file accordingly
  • Finally, take a deep breath and check one by one above. And then go to the bottom of the UI to tap the Start button to force the process
  • So now, you can keep your hands away and wait for the utility completes its operation. In the end, you will gain a perfectly rooted handset which you can customize with any function you desire.

Troubleshooting tips

  • If the process fails at the first attempt, check the CF auto root file you selected and even the Odin version as well
  • Sometimes you will fail to transfer data between devices because of the issue related to installing drivers
  • Or else there may be troubles with the USB port or the cable

So the best thing would check each and every step before you put the finger on the Start button. If there is any doubt, you can arrange it first and click the Start switch to bring everything to a perfect end. When it ended with a fail result, do not fall apart and give up. Retry without any mistake for few more times.

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