How to Get Root Access with Samsung Odin

Odin is not a strange term for Samsung users, in fact it is a must-have tool that work prioritizing almost all Samsung models. When some think a single ROM or the way your Samsung born is enough for day today tasks another set of users try for more advancements. So this is my latest post to them where you are guided for a proper root with Samsung Odin. Therefore read on to have a successful root on your Samsung with Odin.

Samsung Odin

About Odin in Brief

Odin appears as a Windows based application that can work on any Samsung Phone or Tablet aiming the best system level modifications. If I say Odin is the best tool for Samsung Power users, you would agree as it is backed with a lot of proof. In fact Samsung Odin functions multi roles resulting best alterations in the operating system of your Samsung.

Odin has built aiming Samsung internal tasks, but with an unintentional manner Odin has reached public had. The relationship started from there is even stronger by now, in fact Odin updates, feature additions, growing interface and all features of Odin helps to re-arrange your Samsung operating system in the way you want. In that way this brings true customization to your device with no cost.

Samsung Odin is made for the flashing purpose. In that way Odin is used to Flash firmware/ROM, Kernels, recovery files, root packages at the same time taking part in similar cases. So Odin cannot limit a single task, as it is made for multiple roles.

Note: Odin only supports .tar and .tar.md5 file formats, so make sure to convert files to acceptable set up before try flashing with Odin

How to Root With Samsung Odin?

Samsung Odin

As once mentioned Odin can flash Root packages, so there you can get root privileges with the same Samsung Odin which you used to install your new firmware update. Unlike the rooting operations you have heard for android, this comes with a different flow. So have a look on the proper rooting guide for your Samsung with help of Odin.

Warning: Rooting will terminate your device’s warranty, so proceed at your own risk

Things to Consider before proceed:

  • Be ready with a windows powered PC and USB
  • Install Samsung USB drivers on the PC
  • Enable USB debugging on your Samsung
  • Charge your device at least about 50-60% to prevent getting interrupted within the process
  • Have a complete backup of your device’s data as Samsung Odin operations may wipe your data
  • To root you need “CF-Auto root” file, so download CF-Auto root on your PC and extract to get acceptable extensions (Be sure to check the device compatibility)

Step Guide

  • Step 1: Download Samsung Odin zip file and extract on the PC
  • Step 2: Then launch “Odin exe” from where you have extracted
  • Step 3: Click on “PDA” / “AP” and select the unzipped “CF-Autroot-tar file”
  • Step 4: Then select only “F.Reset Time” and “Auto-Reboot” from given options in the opened Odin window
  • Step 5:  Then boot your Samsung Phone or Tablet into Download mode

Samsung Odin

When the warning triangle appears press Volume Up

  • Step 6: Use the USB and connect your Samsung device now to the PC
  • Step 7: Then let Odin detect your device and note whether the “ID:COM box” placed in the left-upper corner get blue/ yellow
  • Step 8: If things are fine up to now, click “Start”
  • Step 9: With the single click Odin will start flashing CF-auto-Root package, so now you have to wait a little and let your device reboots as it finishes
  • Step 10: Now your device is ready to remove from USB and Then separate your Samsung device and you will now see “SuperSu” in app drawer as a result of a successful root with Samsung Odin

We recommend you to download a root checker to confirm your root status.

If you do with good care Odin is absolutely supportive for the whole process. And now your device is successfully rooted and accessed for more powers with admin rights.

Odin Latest Version

When you head to Odin download, remember to choose the most recent for a stable and bug-free processing. In case if your device model is not listed with the supported category, try the next closest by checking the compatibility. As of now odin3 v3.12.3 is the latest with more fixes and improvements.

Note: Odin Download directly on your Samsung is not possible, so make sure to have a proper PC that powered Windows

samsung Odin

As long as you are Odin privileged there is a lot more you can try on your Samsung. So prevent getting caught to alter tools that could risk your gadget and simply head to Samsung Odin which is trusted since years for best system level modifications on Samsung devices.

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