Root apps for android 2015

In this narration, we are going to list a couple of significant third-party apps for devices with root permission. If you are already rooted, there is nothing to keep you far from amazing features and customizations. You are completely free from barriers. So, use this chance to make a difference. There are several features we always introduce as root-only features. This is how you can gain them on your device using root apps for Android 2015. You will surely love to go through. Here we go.

root apps for Android 2015

Root apps for android 2015

Adblock Plus

There is no doubt that our first suggestion will surely impress you since you are going to escape from a troublesome action from now using this app. Adblock Plus is a completely free application for devices with root permission. Using this, you can say goodbye to all those advertisements on third-party apps.

Magisk Manager

Magisk Manager is a great deal and that became one of the highlighted tools surrounded root-only apps. And it is one of the youngest root-only apps. If you were there far from Pokemon Go, Netflix or any other app that does not let you use it with root permission, this will help you to use them without any condition. Once you will capture, there is nothing to describe why we suggest this as one of the significant arrangements.

JRummy Apps

Those who know JRummy on Google Play Store know how amazing his offers for root-only devices. There is a heap of apps behind this developer and that including BusyBox installer, BuildProp editor, root file explorer and more. When you install a ROM, you may need such arrangements in order to arrange tinkerers and modders for further amazing deals.


This is another new application, which stands as a special ROM migration utility. At this instant, Migrate can categorize as a free app. If you worried about the in-app purchases, Migrate is completely free from that. If you are with Magisk, this can use right away with Magisk.


We suggest you Tasker app as the next important app that you must not ignore. In my opinion, this can use on both root and non-root devices. There are many features that a device without root can use. When you prove that you are a user with root permission, then there are several additional features for you. So bookmark this you can even get through when the time comes to spend as a non-root user. 

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