How to get root permission using Magisk Manager?

Have you ever heard about Magisk Manager? If you will search, it will categorize as one of the best root-only apps. It is a free app and that brings on any Android from recommended third-party sources. It is one of the enormous and considerable offers of developers behind Android rooting. In addition to rooting, it will offer you Pokemon Go or Netflix. However, experts say that this is the most advanced stage that a smartphone user can reach even beyond rooting. In this post, we are going to share how to root Android using the Magisk Manager tool?

how to root android

What is Magisk Manager?

Magisk Manager can simply clarify as the highest right of the Android platform. It comes with a long list of functions plus modules that will support you all to enhance the device possibility and customize it. It comes as an APK package that can easily bring to your device frame. According to its developers, the app will receive more and more enhancements for a better service. However, the app comes for totally free. Those who are paying attention can bring it on their devices can simply try out.

The latest version 7.5.1 for Android 2020 is now in the air.

How to root using Magisk Manager?

  • Check your Android version to be above Android 4.2
  • Enable Unknown Sources from the Settings app
  • Download and install Magisk manager latest version
  • Those who have Chainfire SuperSU on their devices will have to grant permission
  • Select the Install key and continue
  • And then select the installation method as Direct Install or Download Zip File Only. The first method will bring you a certain file without the custom recovery
  • Once the download will complete, it will start the installation automatically
  • Those who selected Download Zip Only will have to reboot the device
  • And then launch Magisk Manager
  • The Magisk app successfully installed

Important features

Hide Root permission is the first and foremost feature of Magisk Manager because it is unique and remarkable. Sometimes you may not be able to bring apps that you wish on your device for your device has root permission. But Magisk can hide it for you and bring them to the device. And its root permission is easy and stable than a normal approach. If you wish to remove it from the device, you can use the very own option that the app already is given. And the other significant feature is that your modifications will not reach device partitions when the Magisk app is there.

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