Samsung Odin video Rooting Tutorial – Download Odin 3.10.6

Samsung’s Odin is widely used stock firmware ( leaked) tool designed for Samsung Android smart phones & tablets. With Odin download you can root,flash or install custom ROMs for Samsung android devices. Samsung Odin download is the best tool for installing custom recoveries on Samsung android device. Use Odin 3.10.6 download to installs stock OTA and firmware files for upgrading and customizing Samsung mobiles.

Latest version , Odin 3.10.6 is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy Note and some latest Samsung devices. Download odin through our  dedicated download page. latest Odin flashing tool comes with continuous updates and new features. If anything goes wrong Odin download provides custom recovery features and you can restore stock firmware and fix your Samsung device. Download SamsungOdin, the leading and most popular Odin flash / Samsung root tool from our odin download page.


Samsung leaked Odin Stock ROM Flashing Tool

Odin 3.10.6 is the latest android Odin version that can be downloaded for your Samsung mobile device. Odin download for rooting supports Windows OS. For Mac PC Samsungodin download is compatible with Java version of Odin.

Android Odin Download System Requirements

  • Download ADB and FASTBOOT tools
  • Download Samsung USB drivers
  • Installing the latest Samsung USB drivers on PC.
  • ADB and FASTBOOT TOOL installation on mobile device.
  • Odin PIT and TAR files.
  • USB cable for connecting Samsung device and PC.

Important Facts for Odin 3.10.6

  • It is strictly advised to back up data.
  • Download a latest compatible Odin version
  • Install the updated USB drivers for Samsung device.
  • Various procedures for are followed for Odin flashing and rooting depend on the device.

Complete Tutorial on How to Flash Stock ROM Using SamsungOdin

  • Direct download our file from download page.
  • Extract the downloaded zip file and install android Odin.
  • Connect the PC and Samsung mobile device.
  • Switch off your android device and switch on after 30 seconds.
  • Open Samsungodin.
  • Tab “Auto Reboot” and then tab “PIT”.
  • Select the downloaded PIT file and click “Start” button and rooting starts.
  • Samsung device reboots automatically after completion of the Odin root.

How to Root Samsung Device Using Odin Video Tutorial

Odin flash video tutorial on Odin flashing and rooting Samsung android device guide you for an easy and confident Samsung smart phone rooting. Download Samsungodin v3.10.6 for your PC and experience Odin root with Samsung mobiles.

Samsung Android Rooting Troubleshooting

  • If Samsung mobile device halts and stuck on Galaxy S logo screen, turn on DL mode and re-run Odin android root.
  • If “Failed” or “Odin is nonfunctional” messages appears during rooting, unplug your device and re plug. Select DL mode and unplug the device again and plug it.  Odin application detects the device and click “Start” button with all default settings as it is.
  • If Odin android root tool stuck while rooting then download another Odin version and re-start rooting. Do not check the re partition, if repeat the process from the beginning.

Samsung Odin FAQ

Q: Can I download odin free?

A: Download Samsungodin is completely out of charge and totally free.

Q: Does “.zip” extension supports Odin flash?

A: No. Only *.tar and *. pit files support android rooting using Samsungodin download

Q: What is “PIT”?

A: A “PIT” is an alternative method for android file downloading.

Credits for

Credits for Samsung odin download goes to XDA research and development team for developing and free distribution.

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