Flash CWM recovery on your Galaxy handset with Samsung Odin Download

Are you a Samsung Galaxy Smart Phone or Tablet user for a long period? Then you many familiar with all features of your device and sometimes you may be bored with it. Therefore you will find a way to customize the device and enjoy more with it. Well, then you can do it easily with Samsung Odin Download. Actually, now Odin is not a stranger app for most of the Galaxy users. That much it is familiar with them to flash several types of files to the beloved Android handsets.

Samsung Odin Download

Actually, most of the Android users are now willing to gain the root access to customize their beloved device. But really, within the root access, you can’t perform all the administrative level modifications. Therefore, in this time you can use a custom Firmware file for that. Yes, CWM is one of the best popular Android custom recoveries we can find. It’s CWM Abbreviation for ClockWork Mode. While flashing this you can have most of the administrative level modifications for your device.

About the flash utility

As I noted above Odin is most common flashing utility among the Galaxy device users. It allows you to perform more tasks like Upgrade, Downgrade, Root, Flash CustomROM, Kernel and more. And Odin is the tool using within all Samsung Service Centers to the flash firmware. Anyhow thanks to the growing technology now this has leaked to the public and you can download it freely. Remember, this is a PC based software and comply only with Windows Platform, So, you need to have a Windows running PC to perform the task. Further, in the present, you can use Samsung Odin v 3.12.5 as the latest version.

Samsung Odin Download

Flashing guide with Samsung Odin download

After deciding to flash a CWM recovery file on your Galaxy smartPhone or Tablet and have an idea based on this, now here is the guide for you to follow the process. In this time before beginning the process you need to have a full backup of the device to prevent any data loss activities and further, it is useful for you to maintain a sufficient Battery level within the device to avoid any accidental interruption activities. And here is the guide for.

  • At the beginning, you need to enable the USB Debugging function of the device as accordance with the below image

Samsung Odin download

  • Then you need to download and install the correct USB drivers onto your Windows running PC
  • Now download the latest Samsung Odin file and extract it into a convenient place
  • Then download the correct CWM Recovery file for the device and extract it too
  • Launch the Odin app as the administrator
  • Boot your device into download mode. For that press and hold “power + Home + Volume down” Key together until you see the warning alert. After that press the Volume up key to boot into download mode
  • Then network both devices via a proper USB cable
  • Wait, Odin will detect your device and after that, you can see an “ADDED” message in Odin Surface.
  • After that go to the AP tab and select the extracted CWM recovery file. Yes, in this time, don’t operate any other options in the surface leave them as default
  • And now to begin the process you can hit on the “START”
  • This will take few minutes so wait and see. And in this time don’t operate the device
  • After a successful flashing, you will be able to see “PASS” message with green color in the Odin UI
  • Well, after that the device will automatically reboot, so, this is the real time for you to disconnect it from the PC

Samsung Odin Download

Finally, now you can flash the CWM custom Recovery file on to your Galaxy handset. So, you can enjoy the features from it. Further, remember to follow each and every step carefully. Otherwise, your device will be bricked. And no one will be ready to take the responsibility. It’s your own. Wel, to know more about Odin download stay tuned with us. and if you need need to share your ideas with us, then leave it in the below comment section.

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