How to unroot with Odin download?

There is abundance of motives to root a Smartphone such as customizations, system updates, block ads, boost the performance, and remove stock apps and more. Nonetheless, this can be a terrifying way to access to move on once you do not know what you are ought to. However, in this guide, we will show you how to unroot your Samsung phone with Odin download. This guide will help you to return to the stock structure with a clean and clear system back.

Anyway, except the enormous dealer Odin, there is no other way for you to walk through a stock ROM flash.


Unroot with Odin download

Once you possess an Android with root status or else working on a custom ROM, there you have to arrange an absolute way out which not just set you free but will become an outright shake out brings its status that had day one.  For such demanding clearance, you cannot just put into use single click unroot options. Odin is the most excellent and that always comes behind Samsung smart kits for any firmware related movement. All you have to do is flash the phone with a stock firmware package. It will repair all injuries of root and replace essential files and codes that you lost so far. If your warranty has been cracked, it as well will recover simply through. So here is the procedure.

However, there are a couple of important facts for you to keep in your mind, in order to arrange things better. Beyond everything, Samsung Odin download stock ROM flash is an amazingly easy and influential technique.

odin download

Preparations for Samsung Odin download

  • Compile a workable Windows personal machine (OS XP/7/8/10 or Vista)
  • Complete backup creation is must an essential ahead to any Odin application. In this unroot/restore procedure, the system will renew and your phone memory will no longer remain the same
  • And then search for the recent USB driver version. It has to be installed to the Windows computer
  • Now, go to your Settings section and empower USB debugging
  • Let the device charge its battery up to 100% or else at least to 75%
  • Download Odin software file and the ROM file as well. If necessary, extract both and save on your desktop

Important: As it endorsed, you better search the Sammobile site for all applicable ROM files. If you are not a member yet, just register there and you can visit there always you wish for definite firmware for Odin applications. Enter your model code for all compatible results

The procedure

  • To start with, put your smart kit into download mode. Power down > press volume minus key > Home and Power at the same time > stay for the warning message > press volume plus and get the downloading status

Odin download

  • Then you can safely connect the phone to a connectable USB port
  •  Now go to the tool savings and open the exe file with the option “Run as administrator”


  • And then you have to enter the ROM package here. For that, you can click the specific “AP” key on your right side

Odin download

  • Check the Log panel on your left side of the UI as it will arrange codes and finally display “Leave CS” which stands for a fulfilled process. So then you can end the procedure


  • Click on the Start button at the bottom

Odin download

So that’s it. But you have to stay further without touch any of your devices for their own driving. As the frequent manner, PASS! text will open on the top of the interface for successful attempts

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