Completely Unroot your device using Samsung Odin

Those fellows who wish to simply move through OTA arrangements but cannot accomplish for being rooted should unroot their system first. But, when you use often unroot technique to undo the entire, it is a complete recovery since the system might have some issues and that will certainly put you into troubles. Therefore, having Samsung Odin would be interesting to since it also gave you a second chance to return to official status and save your cherished phone from soft-brick and further worries. So today, our narration will be about how to unroot using Odin tool latest version. Even for those who had troubles with their rooted kit as well should check this out. Here we go.

samsung odin

How to unroot with Samsung Odin download?

First of all, you should check both separated sections of this guide before practically check out since there are a couple of important points to remember.

Samsung Odin download preparations

  • Put the device into Odin mode
  • Download latest Samsung phone drivers to the PC and install
  • Search for the newest Odin version and download it as well
  • Navigate to Sammobile webpage and request for the firmware model that recommended for the device type that you hold
  • And then it is time to extract both software package and save separately on your desktop
  • Go to Odin exe > right click on the file > enter “Run as administrator”

samsung odin

The procedure

  • Use a cable and connect the phone to the computer
  • Stay patiently for the handset has to detect perfectly
  • Once the above step will be completed, go to the list of buttons and choose the AP switch. When a window will open to browse the file, go to where you saved the tar firmware kit and bring it gradually
  • And then patiently keep your eyes on the “Log” section of the interface. When it will display “Leave CS” it is time to escape
  • Tap Start key. So the process will begin and take more than 5 minutes to bring to an end

Important facts

To arrange Odin mode, you have to shut down the phone > press and continue Volume down > Power + Home button until the warning alert will display. And then only you have to move to the Volume up till it let you know that the mode has been activated

Wrapping up

Unroot using a proper method is important when you need complete official status back. And even it supports you to go through clear Over The Air updates without any error. Furthermore, some of you may tire being with root-only features since far. And it is good to clean the entire system and save it from serious issues such as bricking the phone and so on. So as a Samsung user, you can resolve things in a better manner thanks to Odin. On the grounds, it is not just about flashing your device; it also stands in whatever situation to rescuer your beloved device. And actually, it will become a second chance for you to be saved from troubles such as bootloop and brick. Check previous stories for clear guides about those topics.

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