Download Samsung Odin v3.13.1 – Root Samsung Galaxy S6

Are you looking forward to rooting your Samsung Galaxy S6 handset? Have you tried lots of rooting tools without any happy ending? If so it’s time to try Samsung Odin. You may be wondering how Samsung Odin can root your device because it is a flashing utility. It’s true that the key purpose of the Samsung Odin is flashing. But you must get to know that Odin tool comes with the possibility of rooting. The only difference between the Odin rooting facility and the ordinary rooting facility is the file type it can flash.

Download Samsung Odin

Samsung Odin is the recommended flashing utility for Samsung Galaxy smartphones. But the legal status of the tool has not been confirmed in any official document or website yet. But users have been advised to use Odin to change Samsung device firmware under Samsung enterprise alliance programme. As well as, Samsung or any other authorized party has not shown any legal threat against using the Odin tool. So, we can understand that there is an official Samsung Odin programme that has not been revealed to the public. But, however, the programme is available to the public. Considering all the facts we can assume that the available programme may be the result of leaked binaries of the original programme. Currently, Samsung Odin v3.13.1 is the latest version of the programme and it can flash the latest Samsung firmware, Android Oreo and Pie that comes in LZ4 compression.

Changelog of Samsung Odin v3.13.1

  • Support for compressed LZ4 binary files
  • Flashes Android Oreo devices
  • Implement 80 ports Mass D / L
  • DVIF for Mac bundle

Technical Fact About Samsung Odin

Samsung Odin comes as a Windows-based programme and if you wish to use the programme on MacOS you can try JOdin3 programme that was released by AdamOutler as a CASUAL-X project. As you know, most of the firmware files come in zip format can be found easily. But the Odin only flashes .tar and .tar MD5 files which are rare to find. Beside the key purpose of flashing stock firmware, Odin flashes Custom Firmware, stock/custom recovery, Kernels and root packages.

Samsung Odin As A Rooting Tool

There are several methods you can use to root your device. Flashing root packages in recovery mode, using one-click rooting tools and using fast boot/ADB command tools are the most popular methods to root Android smartphones. When it comes to Samsung Odin it uses a process like flashing root packages in recovery mode but does not require flashing a custom recovery before flashing a root package. It allows you to flash the root package directly on your device in Download/Odin mode.

Download Root Packages

Currently, the popular and best way to download Odin flashable root packages is to visit Though the site has been deprecated and by superseded by Firmware. Mobi still it provides root packages for some popular smartphone models

System Requirments

  • Make a complete back up of your device
  • A Windows computer
  • Download and Install relevant USB drivers
  • A compatible USB cable
  • Download the relevant CF-Auto-Root package according to your device build number (It also contains relevant Odin programme)
  • Enough battery power (about 60%)
  • Enable USB debugging mode on your smartphone
odin download

How To Root Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Using Samsung Odin

  • 1 Step – Download and install the latest Samsung USB drivers on your computer and reboot it
  • 2 Step – Find your device build number, Android version and Model number using Settings > About device>
  • 3 Step – After getting to know the relevant facts download CF-Auto-Root package visiting the official site.
  • 4 Step – Next, extract the CF-Auto-Root .zip file to have root package in .tar.MD5 extension and Odin.exe
  • 5 Step – Now, boot your Samsung Galaxy S6 device into Download/Odin mode pressing and holding Power Key+Home Key +Volume Down Key at once after switching off it
  • 6 Step – You will get a warning screen while pressing and holding the specific button combination and it will ask you to press Volume Up key to enter “Download Mode”.Press it and enter Download Mode
  • 7 Step – Navigate to the location where you extracted the CF-Auto-Root file and right-click on the Odin.exe file to run it as administrator
  • 8 Step – Now, connect your device to the computer after enabling USB debugging mode and Odin will recognize it
  • 9 Step – Then, the ID: COM area will turn in to light blue which means Odin has detected your device
download odin
  • 10 Step – Click on “PDA/AP” button and place the root application in .tar.MD5 extension and click “Start” to root your device. You will get the “Pass” message when done

Final Word

Samsung Odin is the most popular and free flashing and rooting utility for Samsung Galaxy smartphones. You can use the tool very easily flash the firmware and get root access. The programme is more popular as a flashing utility but works fine if you download the correct root package. Android rooting more popular and demanded than flashing because it is the basic function to vibrant Android customization.

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