Easy Guide To Flash With Samsung Odin

Android flashing is not a strange word to Android users. Because Android flashing is the most common answer to most common Android problems. As you know, most of Android users face issues such as Android bricking, stuking, lagging and boot loops when time passes. The most popular and successful answer to these problems is Android flashing. Flashing allows users to replace their current Android system with the same or different version of Android and use the device as usual. There are different flashing utilities for different devices and Samsung Odin is specific for Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Samsung Odin

Samsung Odin is the programme which is used to flash Samsung Galaxy Smartphones. The programme comes as a free Windows-based programme and users are able to install and uninstall the device operating system using the programme. Though the programme is said to be a Windows-based programme, there are methods to use Odin on MacOS.Also, you can use Mobile Odin as an on-device flashing application to flash your device without using a Windows computer. If you are struggling to find out the best solution to flash your Samsung Galaxy smartphone due to any reason, it is worth trying Samsung Odin.

What Are the Features Of Samsung Odin

Samsung Odin is specially has been designed to flash Stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Though the Samsung Odin said to be official there is no official download source and programme believed to be leaked binaries from the Samsung service centre with ROM files. However, if you dive into the deep of the official Samsung enterprise Alliance programme you may able to find out some clues about Odin but not the download source.

The main purpose of Samsung Odin is to unbrick the bricked Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Despite the official purpose users are able to use the programme for a few other tasks if they have the relevant file in the relevant file format. Samsung Odin is only compatible with files in .tar or .tar.md5 extensions which means you cannot flash files in other formats. The main reason to use these file extensions is to ensure the integrity of the firmware file. You can do,

  • Stock and Custom firmware files flashing
  • Flash Stock and Custom recovery files
  • Flash Kernels and Root packages

Using the Odin programme. There are several versions of Odin and you need to download the correct programme according to your operating system. Besides the Original Odin version, you can download the patched version of Odin if you fail and see error messages when using the Odin. The best place to find out the patched versions of Odin is the XDA developers.

How To Get Ready To Use Samsung Odin

  • Get a full backup of your device if necessary
  • Arrange a Windows computer
  • Correct USB drivers or update the current drivers to the latest version
  • Correct stock firmware file in the relevant extension
  • Download the correct Odin programme according to your Android version
  • Arrange a compatible USB cable
  • Stop running Samsung Kies
  • Enable USB debugging mode on your device

Note: Always use the most reliable download sources for download requirements

How to Enable Odin Mode On Your Device

Note: The button combination to enable Odin mode may vary according to your device model and here you can find the general method to do so

  • Switch off your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone
  • Press and hold “Volume UP + Power + Home” button at once until the phone reboot
  • When you see the Warning screen press Volume Up key to continue

How To Flash Your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Using Samsung Odin

  • Install correct USB drivers properly on your computer and reboot the computer
  • Get the correct Odin flashable firmware file for your Galaxy smartphone and extract it to an easily accessible location
  • Download and extract the Odin programme and double-click on the Odin executable file to run the programme
  • Next, launch the Odin programme and you will be able to see some options on the Odin interface
  • Boot your smartphone into download/Odin mode using the above steps
  • Now, connect your smartphone to the computer
  • Check the ID: COM area on the Odin interface to confirm if the device has been detected by the Odin
  • ID: COM area must turn into the light blue colour if your device has been detected
  • Now, load the firmware file on to the programme by clicking the “AP” button which stands for Android partition
  • Then check the “Options” menu to verify if the “Auto Reboot” and “F.Reset Time” are checked
  • Finally, click on the “Start” button to flash your device

Note – If you find firmware files more than one when extracted the firmware folder. Place them clicking the relevant button in the Odin interface


Samsung Odin is simple and easy but needs your attention to the maximum for the success of the process. Because correct and compatible files are the key to successful flashing process.

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