How To Root Android – Check Out This Before Start

The topic “Android Rooting” is one of the frequently discussed topics which never ends. The reason is the continuous progress of mobile technology and the continuous manufacturing of smartphones. The world of technology renews day by day and we always come across fresh topic every day. When it comes to Android rooting, there is unlimited stuff about it. What is rooting, what are rooting tools, what is the best rooting tool are some of the common rooting quizzes. Unfortunately, all the quizzes are not going to be covered here since it is impossible to do. But you can have a quick glance at most popular rooting tools here.

What Are Rooting Tools

Rooting tools are the PC or Android programmes which are used to acess the restricted system partitions on Android smartphones. These tools allow users to acess the system partitions following the simple mechanism. Android uses an account named “Root” and this account allow its users to acess all system files and command. But regular Android users are not allowed to acess this account since manufacturers have denied the acess. Anyhow, if you acess the root account you become a superuser and you have privilages to change the system as you want.

That is why we need rooting tools. Rooting tools allow users to acess the root account exploiting Android security vulnerabilities. There are a number of popular rooting tools which help users to acess the root account. In here you can have brief descriptions of some of the popular rooting tools. I hope it will help you to choose a rooting tool which matches your device.

iRoot Rooting App

iRoot is one of popular one-click rooting tool which is formerly known as Vroot. It comes in both PC version and Android version and highly compatible with Android 2.3 to 5.0 devices comes from highly demanded brands such as Samsung, HTC, Google and other leading brands. The tools come as freeware and all the users can use it without spending money. Since the app is simple and users friendly both of regular Android users and advanced Android users can use it without worrying about their technical knowledge. According to the experiences of users, it seems that the PC version works fine than the Android version. You need to keep your device connected to the internet if you are using iRoot Android version. You will get two apps after installing iRoot as iRootSU.apk & SuperUser.apk. iRootSU.apk is the successor to SuperUser.apk.Are you are interested in android rooting you can check over here.

Baidu Root App

Baid root app comes from Baidu, Inc. which is a well-known technology company located in China. Baidu root app support over 6000 device models including leading smartphone brand running on Android 2.2 up to 4.4. If you are a Samsung user you may face a problem. If you are using Samsung Knox you cannot install Baidu on your device. Though the app is popular there is a language defect in this app. The origin of the app is China and the app is available in the Chinese language. But the app can be translated in to English. Being A one-click rooting tools it is easy to find out options. It is, even more, easier if you are someone who is working with one-click rooting for long. However, it is better if you could avoid it if you are not sure about it.

Framaroot App

Framaroot is easy one-click rooting which was presented to the Android world by alephzain who is a senior XDA member. It uses multiple exploits and has the ability to root a number of recognized and demanded smartphone models including Asus, Samsung, Huawei, Archos, Asus, Lenovo, LG, Sony, Xiaomi and many more. The speciality of Framaroot is multiple exploits. Framaroot App works based on chipset of the device and it uses relevant root exploit according to the device chipset when gaining root acess. Actually, Framaroot is excellent when compared to other rooting tools since it uses compatible exploits for each device. Therefore the success rate is higher when compared to other tools. However, there has not been any update to the tool after Version 1.9.3.

OneClickRoot Root App

OneClickRoot is another popular rooting tool which allows users to gain root acess in a simple manner. It is highly compatible with devices from Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola and Sony Ericsson. OneClickRoot Root App is fast, secure and easy. Also, it provides root acess on thousands of devices in one-click. OneClickRoot developers offer you the chance to have live chat with them on their official website if you come across an issue when using the tool.OneClickRoot technically supports Android 2.1.X and higher version but highly compatible with Android 2.2.X, 2.3.X, and 4.0.X. The OneClickRoot team also offer you online check root availability facility to determine if the device is compatible or not.


After comparing and analysing a number of rooting applications I picked OneClickRoot as my rooting solution and you can have your own after reading and comparing. I would like to inform you that each and every tool that has been mentioned above has not been tested individually. So you have to use them at your own risk.

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