How To Unroot Android

unroot android

As same as Android rooting, users always looking forward to unrooting their Android devices due to various reasons. Most of the time, when they want to sell their devices, they try to unroot their devices as there is less demand for rooted Android devices though rooting is beneficial. Because a rooted device symbolizes the less security and the potential of malware and virus attack. So, most users try to unroot Android devices before selling them. But, you need to know that unrooting won’t enable your tripped Knox warranty if you are a Samsung smartphone user. Although there are some apps to reset Knox counter, most of them only work on a limited number of model

Android Unroot

As you know, you rooting solution places Su binary file and Superuser,apk in your device and you need to delete them to get back to your original condition. Some one-click apps offer your unroot feature by default while other apps need separate unroot support. In here we are going to get to know the most popular unroot methods in the Android community. The simplest way to unroot your device is Supersu. Let’s get to know how to unroot device with SuperSU

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Unroot Android With SuperSU

  • 1 Step – Visit Google Play Store and Download SuperSU
  • 2 Step – Enable Unknown Sources from settings if you have not enabled it
  • 3 Step – Install the application and launch it
  • 4 Step – Tap on the “Setting” tab and find the “Full Unroot” option
  • 5 Step – Tap on it and confirm the “Continue” in a pop-up message to implement the full unroot process
  • 6 Step – Finally, SuperSU will close itself and you need to restart your device to apply the changes
  • 7Step – Now, you can uninstall the SuperSU application and continue with a non-rooted device

This s the most simple way to unroot your device if your rooting solution has not provided the feature itself. The second method is unrooting with ES file explorer. ES file explorer is used to search for root files and you can use it unroot your device. This method is a little bit hard and you need some technical knowledge to use this method

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Unrooting With ES File Explorer

  • 1 Step – Download and install ES File Explorer
  • 2 Step – Run the ES File Explorer and tap on the “Menu”
  • 3 Step – Go to Tools > Turn on Root Explorer >Grant Root permission when prompted
  • 4 Step – Get Back to the main screen > Go to the device’s root folder ( “/” in explorer) > system > bin
  • 5 Step – Search for busybox and su files and delete them

In case you cannot find busybox and Su files, get back to the root folder and open the app folder and delete the superuser.apk.Finally, reboot your device to get back to normal.

Final Word

Make sure to restart your device after unrooting it to apply changes you have done properly. Also, download the root checker app from the Google play store and get verified if you have unrooted your device successfully.

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