How to delete eBay account?

If you are an eBay user and want to say goodbye to your account, we are going to let you know how to close your eBay account easily. Those accounts without minimum standards will not be able to remove because of restrictions. Thus, the account should be below standards to deactivate. If the account that you are going to delete yet to complete its fees, you will continually ask to complete all the payments. Here is how to delete eBay account?

delete ebay account

Guide to delete eBay account

  • Check if all the payments are complete by made one-time payment. If the account balance is zero, simply click the Account tab and start the process
  • Use your accurate eBay login details at the respective Close my eBay Account page
  • If you are a non-US eBay account holder, an account deletion webpage and that dedicated to your country will come into view. So you can login and click Help Topics menu > close account. Remember to change your email address if it is your eBay address to request the deletion
  • The reason behind your leave should clarify before anything else
  • You can select the certain category that matches your reason
  • And then simply click the Continue button and move on
  • You will provide details to resolve your issue if you wish to stay if the trouble is no longer bother you
  • Simply enter No as the reply in the next pop up message and tap Continue and move
  • Read the closing notice on Confirm Closure section
  • Mark “I read and understand the above information” notice and select Close My Account option right away
  • That’s it. You do not have anything to worry from now onwards. As you have been remove your membership from eBay, remove all the connected apps from your device and feel free.

Important facts

Since you notified that you want to get out from eBay, the same email address or the username can use never again to become a new member of eBay. So if you wish to create an account once more, you have to use a new email address.

If you worry about your PayPal account, you cannot leave it along if you wish to atop your transactions as well. There is another way to get rid of your PayPal account. And remember you have to go through separate steps if it is to close your eBay seller account.

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