One click root using Samsung Odin 3.13.1

Samsung Inc has been updated their dedicated utility Odin a few weeks back. The update perfectly works with Android Oreo functioning Smartphone and Tablet. Throughout the recent Odin 3.13.1 supports custom or stock ROM/Kernel flash and brings root permission on particular devices. Therefore, those who are looking for one click root on their handsets capable to perform it using this beloved utility. Since it is desktop based software, there are a couple of points to discuss. So we brought you here some of those in briefly.

one click root

All-new features of Odin 3.13.1

Samsung Odin 3.13.1 has been updated with advanced performances and functionalities. And even its proficiency exposed from Windows-only to both Windows and Mac. So the utility no longer needs to frame just with Windows. Moreover, the best thing is it has been confirmed the applicability of Oreo functioning Smartphone and Tablets.

One click root with Odin latest version

Since the recent version of tool Odin capable to work based on advanced devices, users capable to simply get root permission on their handsets running Android Oreo. There may be some other rooting tools and that has been released for the identical OS. But being with Samsung is truly admirable when Odin download is there for any advanced procedure related to your device operating system. However, from both flash and root, you can customize your structure thanks to its recent 3.13.1 version.

Though it may not appear as a single click rooting approach, it is not that complicate once you go through its PC based drive. Launch the application on your Mac or Windows and go through each step prudently. Since this is not about an APK, you may confuse whether it will complicate. But for its unique features and performance, you will be capable to simply move.

One click root features

As usually, when your device system brings root access on your way, you will be able to carry out many tasks in a simple way. There are thousands of root-only apps, that you can use in varies ways. To hibernate background apps, block some features, unblock hidden features, boost the performance, access prices app for free of charge and some further.

The procedure

  • Install Samsung USB drivers to the computer you equipped
  • Download Odin and CF auto root file from the official host
  • Right away, extract both files
  • Run Odin and commence the process
  • Put the phone or the tab into download mode. For that, you have to use, Power, Volume and Home buttons respectively
  • Right away, connect the handset to the machine
  • Tap on the AP key and draw the tar file there
  • Once everything completed, Start the operation

one click root


Prepare the Smartphone in accordance with guidelines before the procedure. Backup all important files or remove the SD card for all your data might lose if something goes wrong during the root process. Moreover, the prepared PC, the cable, and ports that going to connect are important to make certain that are perfectly connectable and workable. Try a couple of times to triumph the process if it fails at the first attempt.

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