Flash Android Oreo using Samsung Odin

Those who want to flash stock ROM on their beloved Samsung Smartphone should deal with Odin. Since it is the most excellent firmware flashing approach for the particular brand, having as a public and a free utility that supports almost all Samsung Android device models. In addition to stock firmware, it lets you deal with custom kernels and ROMs as well. However, Samsung Odin version 3.13.1 is the famed hottest release of the utility that comes with the support of Android Oreo the 8th OS. Behind the stable performance and enhancements, we are capable to succeed the process through Oreo.

samsung odin

Samsung Odin to flash Android Oreo

Since Android Oreo is the operating system that Google settle to the audience with several amazing deals, it is really great to comprise such an advanced OS on your hands. Rather than remain for OTA updates and even to go through a better upgrade process, Odin is the best devoid of any doubt. Since the recent version changed Windows only status into Windows and Mac, just prepare with your computer that runs Windows or OS X with respective tar files as tar and md5 are the only file formats that the utility supports.

How to flash using Samsung Odin?

Follow both prerequisites and the step guide carefully for a successful end up.


  • Download the latest phone drivers to the computer and install in it
  • And then search for Odin 3.13.1 since it is the ideal tool package to flash Oreo
  • Download G950FXXU1CRB7 which available as the Oreo ROM file
  • Once the utility and the firmware file and the tool will set to the PC, you have to extract them orderly
  • Create a complete backup of important data files

The procedure

samsung odin

  • Boot the device into download mode. Press and continue with Volume down button to Home and Power switches. When a notice will display on the interface, remove Power key. But continue with the other two and then turn to Volume up until the screen will turn into “Downloading….”
  • And then network both devices to each other using a proper USB cable
  • Keep your eyes with Log section and make sure that it displays ADDED! To confirm that the device detected
  • And then click the specific AP key to browse the tar file
  • After all, use the Start button and begin the procedure. But do not try to move to any other option until it confirms that the procedure ended. Successful endings will proclaim as PASS! And fail ones will end with RESET! Result

If the procedure not succeed

Here are some troubleshooting tips that users often need. If you will fail at some stages, still you can follow these to adjust the procedure.

  • Update drivers that set to the computer. It should be the latest
  • Run the tool Odin as Administrator
  • Restart the machine and remove the battery of the device for a while and replace it
  • Download the firmware package once more after deleting the current one you placed there
  • It is better if you can try some other cable

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