Flash Galaxy S7 Oreo with Samsung Odin

We are here today to direct you how to flash Samsung Galaxy S7, Android Oreo firmware using Samsung Odin? Thanks to the latest Odin 3.13.1, we could reach a couple of amazing chapters of the story at the same time. Flash Oreo is one of those that even touched S7 and S7 Variants as well. And now, it is your turn to navigate through a new journey that will support you to liberate from serious occasions and enjoy being an Android Oreo user too. Of course, there are several important steps that you should carefully cover. So here is our complete guide.

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Flash Galaxy S7 Oreo firmware with Samsung Odin

It is great to hear that Android 8.0 official firmware has been settled to the audience a couple of months back. Almost all Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge models are welcome to upgrade with. Those who are with a carrier model or a global model of Verizon, Sprint and AT&T; it is glad to proclaim that you are in compatible categories. No need to worry if you are with T-Mobile for we hope it too will be there in the nearly future.

By the way, with this amazing update, users do not need to worry about Over The Air updates or else issues that they will face behind that method. Those who are interested can request Odin tool to renew their beloved device with Oreo.

Flash using Odin 3.13.1

3.13.1 is the most recent edition of tool Samsung Odin download. We have been discussed about it since far. There are a couple of highlighted features at this time. And it seems the utility got a huge difference when it turned to 3.13.1 from the previous 3.12.7.

It is the only version that supports both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. And even it should download when you want to flash your beloved Galaxy S7 models for Oreo. In accordance with its release note, it expands the compatible device list at this time containing S7 and S7 Edge models at this time. Moreover, users do not need to worry of Windows OS while it opened for Mac OS X as well.

Download the accurate ROM file

To download the perfect and the correct firmware file, you can browse the Sammobile web site. It is the hub that contains almost all ROMs and further significant collectives as well for Samsung Android handsets. However, you should register for free there to get the membership when you visit it for the first time. And then you will welcome anytime to capture whatsoever. Their service is totally free. Keep in your mind to search the correct firmware using the device model number. Check it via Settings > About.

Important facts before apply Samsung Odin

samsung odin


Flash stock firmware cannot void the handset warranty. But it does not mean you are totally safe to go through. Therefore, you should cautious about each movement you do behind. But the situation is riskier when you are with a custom ROM to be flashed.

Backup important data

This is one of the significant steps before any serious procedure on your Smartphone. Backup is the only escape option when your handset has to restore to get back to its formal performance. It is because the flashing process absolutely removes the device storage to settle the package that you suggest it as a tar file. Thus, if something goes off the beam, the backup you saved will be able to settle back safely. Furthermore, when you change the CSC part, it too will become a reason to delete everything that stored in the handset memory.

Flash using Samsung Odin

  • Charge the device at least up to 80%
  • Download the accurate ROM with above instructions
  • And then download and install Samsung phone drivers latest version to the computer
  • Also, you have to prepare Odin 3.13.1 as well
  • Now, extract the firmware and Odin
  • And then bring the Smartphone and turn off it. Within a few seconds, Press and hold the Volume down and press Home + Power keys at the same time. So the download mode will activate
  • Now go back to saved Odin files and run it to open the graphical user interface
  • After that, connect the handset to a workable USB port using a USB cable. So the utility should identify you can show “ADDED!” in the Log box
  • Now you have to load the ROM file that available in tar format. For that click the button available as AP and get the certain file using the separate browser that open next
  • As an important step, check out whether you have tar files that related to CSC, AP, Home and so on. If there are, click each and enter them as well
  • Then cluck the separated Re-Partition tab there. Once it opens, uncheck the certain Re-partition checkbox. But just ignore the PIT tab as it is not a proper movement for this procedure
  • Now go to the first step and verify each as any single movement should not change
  • Finally, you have to command using the Start button right away

samsung odin

The flashing procedure will start on. As it has to completely work through the handset system, it will take more than 5 minutes. And will end after a long reboot. The interface will show PASS! on the top of the interface. So the Samsung logo will finally spread over the display and launch the home screen. So you can remove it from the computer. Check whether it works smoothly.

  • You can check Settings > About once more after the operation to confirm that the new firmware number has been replaced

If unfortunately the interface will display RESET! that means you are unsuccessful. So you will have to follow troubleshooting tips and go through the procedure once more. There might be some technical issues that set failure results. So fix them and go through.

Troubleshooting instructions

  •  The tool you download should be the version 3.13.1
  • USB drivers must download with its latest version
  • The port that connects and the USB cable should be properly workable
  • Moreover, the firmware kit should be compatible with your device model that you checked from Settings > About
  • If the utility gets stuck during the procedure, check the connection between the computer and the handset. And remove the Smartphone from the machine and reboot both devices. And then put the device back to Odin mode and start the process from the step one

Final words

Stay tuned for another update of Odin download. Hope it will bring a heap of amazing deals more than the recent. And also, S8 and newfangled S9 replicas too waiting for their dealer with latest firmware support.

By the way, while this is about stock ROM flashing, you can accomplish several other things as well through this brave implement such as root, custom kernel/firmware flash, system recover, unroot, unbrick and so on. But for that, you have to go through separated procedures. Do not miss them for you are a newbie as they are not complicated. Anyhow, you can flash stock firmware whenever the handset in a trouble and improper work. For the most part, this is the only deep suggestion for some serious cases. So be sure you know how to escape.

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