How To Root Android – Guide To Install OTA Updates On Magisk Rooted Samsung

Magisk is one of the most popular and successful rooting solutions for almost all Android smartphones. Most of Android users have already rooted their smartphones using and already getting the benefits of it. Since Magisk has been designed to root the Android smartphones without tampering system partition, most of the users try to replace their existing rooting solution with Magisk. The key reason for the higher demand for Magisk is Google Safetynet Attestation API which helps Andriod app developers to check the purity of the Android platform which the app is running on. Google Safetynet attestation API restrict the app from running if the dedicated Android has been tampered by the device owner.

Installing OTA updates On A Rooted Android Device

Generally, the stock recovery of your device needs to be replaced with custom recovery when you try to root your Android device using root binary flashing method (Magisk, SuperSU). Technically, your device cannot receive the OTA updates if you are running on a custom recovery. So, you need to flash the stock recovery again and the stock kernel if you have replaced it with a custom one. But, if you have rooted your device using CF-Auto-Root via Samsung Odin, there is no risk as CF-Auto-Root re-flash the Stock recovery after rooting process.

Prerequisites To Install OTA Updates On Magisk Rooted Devices

  • Disable Automatic system updates in developer options to stop automatic OTA updates
  • If OTA updates available Go to Magisk Manager > Uninstall > Restore Images (Do not reboot) to restore your boot image back

Installation Guide

This section will help you to learn the way to install OTA updates on Magisk Rooted Samsung smartphones using the FlashFire on-device firmware flasher which is recognized as the spiritual successor to the Mobile ODIN app, As Magisk root the Android devices without touching system partion of the device, you can install OTA updates easier than on the other rooted devices

Note: Do not use this method on devices with A/B partitions and also this method will not work on latest Samsung smartphones as the FlashFire app is no longer maintained by Chaifire who is the developer of the app

  • 1 Step – Restore the boot image (Magisk Manager > Uninstall > Restore Images) of your Samsung device to stock images as all the Magisk modifications have been stored in the boot partition of the device
  • 2 Step – Download the OTA following Settings > System > System Updates
  • 3 Step – Do not tap on the reboot to install the updates
  • 4 Step – Download FlashFire and Install it on your device
  • 5 Step – Launch the application and it will detect the OTA zip.
  • 6 Step – Then, you will get a Pop-Up message and tap on “OK” to continue the process
  • 7 Step – Next, disable EverRoot option in Actions screen
  • 8 Step – Then, Tap on the Plus button in the actions screen and add a new action to flash Magisk zip after the OTA generates itself after giving Ok in Step 6
  • 9 Step – Finally, tap on the big Flash button to update your device with Magisk
  • 10 Step – After a short while, your device will reboot along with software updates with Magisk installed

Final Word

Do not perform the process unless you have not restored the boot image of your device back to its original condition. Because your device cannot pass pre-OTA block verifications with an altered boot image.

How To Unroot Android

unroot android

As same as Android rooting, users always looking forward to unrooting their Android devices due to various reasons. Most of the time, when they want to sell their devices, they try to unroot their devices as there is less demand for rooted Android devices though rooting is beneficial. Because a rooted device symbolizes the less security and the potential of malware and virus attack. So, most users try to unroot Android devices before selling them. But, you need to know that unrooting won’t enable your tripped Knox warranty if you are a Samsung smartphone user. Although there are some apps to reset Knox counter, most of them only work on a limited number of model

Android Unroot

As you know, you rooting solution places Su binary file and Superuser,apk in your device and you need to delete them to get back to your original condition. Some one-click apps offer your unroot feature by default while other apps need separate unroot support. In here we are going to get to know the most popular unroot methods in the Android community. The simplest way to unroot your device is Supersu. Let’s get to know how to unroot device with SuperSU

android root

Unroot Android With SuperSU

  • 1 Step – Visit Google Play Store and Download SuperSU
  • 2 Step – Enable Unknown Sources from settings if you have not enabled it
  • 3 Step – Install the application and launch it
  • 4 Step – Tap on the “Setting” tab and find the “Full Unroot” option
  • 5 Step – Tap on it and confirm the “Continue” in a pop-up message to implement the full unroot process
  • 6 Step – Finally, SuperSU will close itself and you need to restart your device to apply the changes
  • 7Step – Now, you can uninstall the SuperSU application and continue with a non-rooted device

This s the most simple way to unroot your device if your rooting solution has not provided the feature itself. The second method is unrooting with ES file explorer. ES file explorer is used to search for root files and you can use it unroot your device. This method is a little bit hard and you need some technical knowledge to use this method

root android

Unrooting With ES File Explorer

  • 1 Step – Download and install ES File Explorer
  • 2 Step – Run the ES File Explorer and tap on the “Menu”
  • 3 Step – Go to Tools > Turn on Root Explorer >Grant Root permission when prompted
  • 4 Step – Get Back to the main screen > Go to the device’s root folder ( “/” in explorer) > system > bin
  • 5 Step – Search for busybox and su files and delete them

In case you cannot find busybox and Su files, get back to the root folder and open the app folder and delete the superuser.apk.Finally, reboot your device to get back to normal.

Final Word

Make sure to restart your device after unrooting it to apply changes you have done properly. Also, download the root checker app from the Google play store and get verified if you have unrooted your device successfully.

How To Root Android Pie On Samsung Galaxy A10

Are you a proud owner of brand new Samsung Galaxy A10 smartphone? Do you have an idea to root it to expand the stock capabilities of your Android smartphone? If so, Magisk is the best solution as of now. As far as I know, Magisk is not a strange thing to Android root lovers. But, technically, Magisk cannot root your Samsung Galaxy A10 device as rooting a regular Android smartphone since it is running on Android Pie. In here, I am going to explain to you, how Magisk should be used to root the Samsung Galaxy A10 on Android Pie. Actually, this process is not specific for Samsung but also for all the Android smartphones running on Android Pie.

System-as-root In Android Pie

Technically, all the smartphones that are shipped with Android Pie or higher must use System-as-root which merges ramdisk.img into system.img and make rootfs accessible after the merging process. Generally, Magisk is installed in the boot partition. In case of boot partition unavailable ramdisk partition or recovery_ramdisk partition is used. Since Android Pie devices use System-as-root to merge the ramdisk.img into the system.img, Magisk cannot be installed in ramdisk.img in Android Pie and it is installed in recovery partiton .

As a result of this, users cannot root Android Pie devices Magisk as usual in a custom recovery. Let’s get to know how to use Magisk on Android Pie. First of all, I would like to mention that Magisk Root on Android Pie is a bit complicated process and you need some advanced knowledge. If you feel you do not have enough knowledge to process check how to root with Odin which is simpler than Magisk Root.

root odin

Precaution Before Rooting Samsung Galaxy A10 With Magisk

  • Magisk trips your Samsung Knox warrnaty
  • Magisk patches stock vbmeta, boot and recovery partitions on your device. You cannot restore them back to stock separately unless doing full Odin restore after giving it a factory reset
  • You cannot upgrade your device through flashing the stock AP tar file since three partitions has been already patched after installing Magisk. So, you need to pre-patch the firmware before flashing via Odin
  • If you do not need to patch the full firmware file, you can create .tar files for vbmeta.img, boot.img, and recovery.img and have them patched through Magisk Manager
  • Magisk is installed in recovery partition of your device and the length of the time period you keeping the Volume up button pressed determine the Magisk recovery or actual recovery


  • Stock Recovery key combination > Splash screen > Release all buttons > System with Magisk
  • Stock Recovery key combination > Splash screen > Keep pressing volume up > Actual recovery

Make sure to pay your attention in advanced to the above issues since installing Magisk on Android Pie and higher versions are a bit risky than installing it on other lower Android versions. It is better if you could avoid it if you are lack of knowledge in Android partitions and images.



  • Unlock the bootloader of Samsung Galaxy A10
  • Get a complete back up of your device (Installing Magisk on you device first times requires a full data wipe)
  • You need to update the Magisk via Magisk Manager after installing Magisk since flashing in recovery does not support

How To Root Samsung Galaxy A10

  • Download the correct firmware file for your Samsung Galaxy A10 device on you computer
  • Unzip the folder and find the AP tar file
  • Copy the AP tar file to your device from your computer
  • Download and Install latest Magisk Manager APK on your device
  • Launch Magisk Manager > Tap Install > Install > Tap on Select and Patch a File > select the AP tar file
  • Go to Internal Storage > Download > find the magisk_patched.tar file and copy it to your computer
  • Next, boot your A10 device to download Mode and connect it to your computer
  • Launch Samsung Odin application and uncheck the “Auto Reboot” under the options tab
  • Flash the magisk_patched.tar (patched AP file) along with other files as usual via Odin
  • Press Power + Volume Down and leave the download mode after flashing
  • Press Power + Bixby + Volume Up as soon as screen off, to boot your device in to stock recovery mode and keep pressing the Volume Up key untill you see the stock recovery screen
  • In stock recovery mode, select Wipe data/factory reset to erase device data
  • Next, select Reboot system now and press Power + Bixby + Volume Up as soon as after selecting it
  • Release all three buttons after getting the bootloader warning screen to boot the device in to the system with Magisk
  • Finally, the device will reboot automatically and it is not abnormal as it has been designed for it

Final Word

Usually, you may see the Magisk Manager on your device screen after rebooting. If you cannot see it, download Magisk Manager manually and open it. In the first opening, Magisk Manager app will upgrade itself and ask you to do some additional setups. When done, the app will reboot your device and you are ready to use Magisk Rooted Samsung Galaxy A10

How To Root Android – Download Odin And Root Samsung Smartphones Easily

How To Root Android

Android rooting has become more and more popular among Android users than in previous years by now. Most of Android users are searching for new rooting tools to find out most successful rooting tool. As Google has tightened Android security, it has been very hard for developers to develop a new rooting tool in addition to the few tools that are floating around now. Odin is one of the competitive rooting solutions which is prefered by Samsung Galaxy smartphone users mostly than other available rooting applications.

Samsung Odin

Basically, Samsung Odin is not as same as other regular rooting applications. It is a Windows-based flashing utility software and recommended for flashing Samsung Galaxy smartphones when they are bricked. Samsung uses Odin programme at their service centres and some of their documents guide users to use Odin even they have not released the tool publicly. So, you might be thinking of how a flashing utility becomes one of the competitive rooting solutions. That is because Odin is not only limited to flashing ROMs and Recovery files but also it can flash compatible root packages too. That is why it has become one of the competitive rooting solutions. Being the Samsung official utility has increased the reputation of Odin as a rooting solution as same as being the official flashing utility

How To Use Samsung Odin As A Rooting Solution

As mentioned above, Samsung Odin is a flashing utility and it can only flash compatible files on your Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Technically, Odin has been designed to flash files in .tar and .tar.md5 extensions and all the Odin flashable files come in these extensions. Now, you may see that you need a root file in these extensions to flash through Odin to gain root acess. All the competitive root files come in Zip extension and you cannot flash them using Odin. So, there must be a specific root package that is compatible with Odin. Is there a root file like that? Yes. That is CF-Auto-Root package. CF-Auto-Root package comes in Zip extension but it contains CF-Auto-Root root application in tar.md5 extension and the Odin application which must be used to flash the root file. Now, you may understand how to use Samsung Odin to root your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

root android


CF-Auto-Root was developed by Chainfire who was a well-known legend in XDA developers. Currently, he has stopped development for all the root-related apps. But most of his products are still being used but you cannot receive any support or development from him as of now. But CF-Auto-Root has not been abandoned as it is not related to rooting apps development directly. So, you can create root package for any smasung firmware at Chanfire’s Firmware. Mobi website. As things are going like this you do not worry about how to root Android 2019 if you are a Samsung Galaxy smartphone user who is trying to root your device using Odin. Are you regretting not being a Samsung Galaxy user? Do not worry. You can download fastboot flashable CF-Auto-Root package for your device from the official site and flash it on your device using fastboot mode


  • Arrange a Windows computer
  • Download and Install Android USB drivers
  • Unlock the device bootloader
  • Download accurate CF-Auto-Root package for your Samsung Galaxy device and extract the file
  • Compatible USB cable
root android

How To Root Your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Using Odin

  • 1 Step – Charge your smartphone and backup all the data
  • 2 Step – Extract the CF-Auto-Root package that you have already downloaded
  • 3 Step – Switch off your smartphone
  • 4 Step – Press and Hold Volume down + Home+ Power button at once and keep holding them until you get the default warning screen
  • 5 Step – When you get it, press Volume Up button to enter the “Download Mode”
  • 6 Step – Next, connect your smartphone to your Windows computer
  • 7 Step – Go to the location where you have extracted the root package and find the Odin application
  • 8 Step – Right-click on the app and select “Run as administrator” to run the application
  • 9 Step – On the Odin interface, check ID: COM area and it must be in blue colour if it has detected your device
  • 10 Step – Then, click the “AP” button on Odin and place the CF-Auto-Root file in .tar.md5 that you can find in the extracted zip file before

After loading the file, check the “Log” box in Odin and it will show you that Odin is loading data. At the end of data loading, you will see “Leave CS” command and then, click “Start” button to begin the flashing process. Wait until the Odin show you “Pass” message. Your device will restart at the end of the process in recovery mode and you need to leave the recovery mode using the volume buttons to get back to normal mode.

Final Word

It is important to reboot your device into recovery mode at the end of the flashing process to have successful rooting. Therefore, you need to reboot your device in to recovery mode manually if it has not rebooted in recovery mode itself.

How To Root Android – Check Out This Before Start

The topic “Android Rooting” is one of the frequently discussed topics which never ends. The reason is the continuous progress of mobile technology and the continuous manufacturing of smartphones. The world of technology renews day by day and we always come across fresh topic every day. When it comes to Android rooting, there is unlimited stuff about it. What is rooting, what are rooting tools, what is the best rooting tool are some of the common rooting quizzes. Unfortunately, all the quizzes are not going to be covered here since it is impossible to do. But you can have a quick glance at most popular rooting tools here.

What Are Rooting Tools

Rooting tools are the PC or Android programmes which are used to acess the restricted system partitions on Android smartphones. These tools allow users to acess the system partitions following the simple mechanism. Android uses an account named “Root” and this account allow its users to acess all system files and command. But regular Android users are not allowed to acess this account since manufacturers have denied the acess. Anyhow, if you acess the root account you become a superuser and you have privilages to change the system as you want.

That is why we need rooting tools. Rooting tools allow users to acess the root account exploiting Android security vulnerabilities. There are a number of popular rooting tools which help users to acess the root account. In here you can have brief descriptions of some of the popular rooting tools. I hope it will help you to choose a rooting tool which matches your device.

iRoot Rooting App

iRoot is one of popular one-click rooting tool which is formerly known as Vroot. It comes in both PC version and Android version and highly compatible with Android 2.3 to 5.0 devices comes from highly demanded brands such as Samsung, HTC, Google and other leading brands. The tools come as freeware and all the users can use it without spending money. Since the app is simple and users friendly both of regular Android users and advanced Android users can use it without worrying about their technical knowledge. According to the experiences of users, it seems that the PC version works fine than the Android version. You need to keep your device connected to the internet if you are using iRoot Android version. You will get two apps after installing iRoot as iRootSU.apk & SuperUser.apk. iRootSU.apk is the successor to SuperUser.apk.Are you are interested in android rooting you can check over here.

Baidu Root App

Baid root app comes from Baidu, Inc. which is a well-known technology company located in China. Baidu root app support over 6000 device models including leading smartphone brand running on Android 2.2 up to 4.4. If you are a Samsung user you may face a problem. If you are using Samsung Knox you cannot install Baidu on your device. Though the app is popular there is a language defect in this app. The origin of the app is China and the app is available in the Chinese language. But the app can be translated in to English. Being A one-click rooting tools it is easy to find out options. It is, even more, easier if you are someone who is working with one-click rooting for long. However, it is better if you could avoid it if you are not sure about it.

Framaroot App

Framaroot is easy one-click rooting which was presented to the Android world by alephzain who is a senior XDA member. It uses multiple exploits and has the ability to root a number of recognized and demanded smartphone models including Asus, Samsung, Huawei, Archos, Asus, Lenovo, LG, Sony, Xiaomi and many more. The speciality of Framaroot is multiple exploits. Framaroot App works based on chipset of the device and it uses relevant root exploit according to the device chipset when gaining root acess. Actually, Framaroot is excellent when compared to other rooting tools since it uses compatible exploits for each device. Therefore the success rate is higher when compared to other tools. However, there has not been any update to the tool after Version 1.9.3.

OneClickRoot Root App

OneClickRoot is another popular rooting tool which allows users to gain root acess in a simple manner. It is highly compatible with devices from Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola and Sony Ericsson. OneClickRoot Root App is fast, secure and easy. Also, it provides root acess on thousands of devices in one-click. OneClickRoot developers offer you the chance to have live chat with them on their official website if you come across an issue when using the tool.OneClickRoot technically supports Android 2.1.X and higher version but highly compatible with Android 2.2.X, 2.3.X, and 4.0.X. The OneClickRoot team also offer you online check root availability facility to determine if the device is compatible or not.


After comparing and analysing a number of rooting applications I picked OneClickRoot as my rooting solution and you can have your own after reading and comparing. I would like to inform you that each and every tool that has been mentioned above has not been tested individually. So you have to use them at your own risk.

How To Root Your Samsung Galaxy S5 Using Towelroot

Are you an owner of Samsung Galaxy S5 who is eagerly waiting to root your device. If so, it is worth reading about Towelroot. As you know, there are a number of rooting tools available on the internet from various developers. Most of them are one-click rooting tools and only requires a few simple steps to root your device. When analysing the success rate of these tools it seems that most of them have a lower rate of success and only compatible with a few devices. That is why you should pay your attention to Towelroot.

Quick Glance At Android Root

The Android root is one of the common and popular technical tasks which opens the gate toward the world of Android customizations. As you know, Android and iOS are the most popular mobile operating systems in the world. But Android is highly and easily customizable than iOS using the rooting. Rooting is similar to jailbreak in iOS but simpler than iOS jailbreak. It is because Android is an open-source model. Each Android smartphone comes with a modified version of pure Android System and manufacturers don’t allow users to customize it.

Manufacturers prevent possible Android customizations by keeping admin privileges to the Android system with them. Users need to root their devices to undertake the device admin privilages to customize the system. Android customization comes in various manners such as installing third-party apps/tweak and flashing custom Recovery/ROMs and Kernels. Whatever the manner, the initial step is rooting. That is why rooting is more demanded and popular

android root

What Is Towelroot and Why Towelroot

You may be thinking why Towelroot is emphasized though there are a number of one-click rooting tools. Let’s find out why towelroot comes at top of the one-click rooting tool list. Towelroot was designed by George Hotz who is well-known as White Hacker from XDA developers. As same as many developers, George Hotz is also not popular in the real name because his allonym is “Geohot”. Towelroot has the ability to root device which runs Android KitKat firmware to Android Lollipop. Especially it has recorded best result in rooting Samsung Galaxy S5/ S4. and Nexus 4/5. That is why Towelroot is suitable for Samsung Galaxy S5 device even though you can use another tool. Towelroot comes as an APK and you do not need a computer to use the application. Just download and root your device in a second.

How Does Towelroot Work

Geohot has designed Towelroot to gain root access by exploiting an Android kernel vulnerability. As you know, Android is a Linux based operating system and the kernel is a basic component in Android which works as a medium to connect the operating system and the hardware components of the device. Even though Kernel varies according to the device it always exists as a basic component in Android. In this case, Towelroot becomes more important.

As mentioned previously, Kernel varies device to device and it is difficult to root every device using the same root exploit. But Towelroot dares to do this and that is why it is recognized as one of the wonderful root applications. Towelroot is a lightweight app and implements the whole rooting process without a computer. The exploit that Geohot has used for Towelroot was found by Pinkie Pie. This exploit stirred up Linux developers to update the kernel and currently all of Linux kernels on computers, Android devices, web servers take the advantage of it.

root android

How To Root Your Samsung Galaxy S5 Using Towelroot

  • 1 Step – First of all, back up your device as a safety step
  • 2 Step – Towelroot APK is not available in the Google Play Store. It means you are going to install a third-party app and you need to enable the permission for it which has been disabled by default
  • 3 Step –Go to Settings >> Security >>Enable Unknown Sources to allow install third-party apps
  • 4 Step – Download Towelroot APK and install it on your Samsung Galaxy S5
  • 5 Step – Tap on “Make it ra1n” to start rooting your device
  • 6 Step – You device will reboot itself when rooting is done

Note: If your device is incompatible with Towelroot use this website to find out a compatible solution

Final Word

Towelroot has not got a black mark of bricking devices so far. But it is unpredictable if it works or not since each device has not been tested using the Towelroot. So, rooting your device is at your own risk.

Easy Guide To Flash With Samsung Odin

Android flashing is not a strange word to Android users. Because Android flashing is the most common answer to most common Android problems. As you know, most of Android users face issues such as Android bricking, stuking, lagging and boot loops when time passes. The most popular and successful answer to these problems is Android flashing. Flashing allows users to replace their current Android system with the same or different version of Android and use the device as usual. There are different flashing utilities for different devices and Samsung Odin is specific for Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Samsung Odin

Samsung Odin is the programme which is used to flash Samsung Galaxy Smartphones. The programme comes as a free Windows-based programme and users are able to install and uninstall the device operating system using the programme. Though the programme is said to be a Windows-based programme, there are methods to use Odin on MacOS.Also, you can use Mobile Odin as an on-device flashing application to flash your device without using a Windows computer. If you are struggling to find out the best solution to flash your Samsung Galaxy smartphone due to any reason, it is worth trying Samsung Odin.

What Are the Features Of Samsung Odin

Samsung Odin is specially has been designed to flash Stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Though the Samsung Odin said to be official there is no official download source and programme believed to be leaked binaries from the Samsung service centre with ROM files. However, if you dive into the deep of the official Samsung enterprise Alliance programme you may able to find out some clues about Odin but not the download source.

The main purpose of Samsung Odin is to unbrick the bricked Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Despite the official purpose users are able to use the programme for a few other tasks if they have the relevant file in the relevant file format. Samsung Odin is only compatible with files in .tar or .tar.md5 extensions which means you cannot flash files in other formats. The main reason to use these file extensions is to ensure the integrity of the firmware file. You can do,

  • Stock and Custom firmware files flashing
  • Flash Stock and Custom recovery files
  • Flash Kernels and Root packages

Using the Odin programme. There are several versions of Odin and you need to download the correct programme according to your operating system. Besides the Original Odin version, you can download the patched version of Odin if you fail and see error messages when using the Odin. The best place to find out the patched versions of Odin is the XDA developers.

How To Get Ready To Use Samsung Odin

  • Get a full backup of your device if necessary
  • Arrange a Windows computer
  • Correct USB drivers or update the current drivers to the latest version
  • Correct stock firmware file in the relevant extension
  • Download the correct Odin programme according to your Android version
  • Arrange a compatible USB cable
  • Stop running Samsung Kies
  • Enable USB debugging mode on your device

Note: Always use the most reliable download sources for download requirements

How to Enable Odin Mode On Your Device

Note: The button combination to enable Odin mode may vary according to your device model and here you can find the general method to do so

  • Switch off your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone
  • Press and hold “Volume UP + Power + Home” button at once until the phone reboot
  • When you see the Warning screen press Volume Up key to continue

How To Flash Your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Using Samsung Odin

  • Install correct USB drivers properly on your computer and reboot the computer
  • Get the correct Odin flashable firmware file for your Galaxy smartphone and extract it to an easily accessible location
  • Download and extract the Odin programme and double-click on the Odin executable file to run the programme
  • Next, launch the Odin programme and you will be able to see some options on the Odin interface
  • Boot your smartphone into download/Odin mode using the above steps
  • Now, connect your smartphone to the computer
  • Check the ID: COM area on the Odin interface to confirm if the device has been detected by the Odin
  • ID: COM area must turn into the light blue colour if your device has been detected
  • Now, load the firmware file on to the programme by clicking the “AP” button which stands for Android partition
  • Then check the “Options” menu to verify if the “Auto Reboot” and “F.Reset Time” are checked
  • Finally, click on the “Start” button to flash your device

Note – If you find firmware files more than one when extracted the firmware folder. Place them clicking the relevant button in the Odin interface


Samsung Odin is simple and easy but needs your attention to the maximum for the success of the process. Because correct and compatible files are the key to successful flashing process.

Download Samsung Odin v3.13.1 – Root Samsung Galaxy S6

Are you looking forward to rooting your Samsung Galaxy S6 handset? Have you tried lots of rooting tools without any happy ending? If so it’s time to try Samsung Odin. You may be wondering how Samsung Odin can root your device because it is a flashing utility. It’s true that the key purpose of the Samsung Odin is flashing. But you must get to know that Odin tool comes with the possibility of rooting. The only difference between the Odin rooting facility and the ordinary rooting facility is the file type it can flash.

Download Samsung Odin

Samsung Odin is the recommended flashing utility for Samsung Galaxy smartphones. But the legal status of the tool has not been confirmed in any official document or website yet. But users have been advised to use Odin to change Samsung device firmware under Samsung enterprise alliance programme. As well as, Samsung or any other authorized party has not shown any legal threat against using the Odin tool. So, we can understand that there is an official Samsung Odin programme that has not been revealed to the public. But, however, the programme is available to the public. Considering all the facts we can assume that the available programme may be the result of leaked binaries of the original programme. Currently, Samsung Odin v3.13.1 is the latest version of the programme and it can flash the latest Samsung firmware, Android Oreo and Pie that comes in LZ4 compression.

Changelog of Samsung Odin v3.13.1

  • Support for compressed LZ4 binary files
  • Flashes Android Oreo devices
  • Implement 80 ports Mass D / L
  • DVIF for Mac bundle

Technical Fact About Samsung Odin

Samsung Odin comes as a Windows-based programme and if you wish to use the programme on MacOS you can try JOdin3 programme that was released by AdamOutler as a CASUAL-X project. As you know, most of the firmware files come in zip format can be found easily. But the Odin only flashes .tar and .tar MD5 files which are rare to find. Beside the key purpose of flashing stock firmware, Odin flashes Custom Firmware, stock/custom recovery, Kernels and root packages.

Samsung Odin As A Rooting Tool

There are several methods you can use to root your device. Flashing root packages in recovery mode, using one-click rooting tools and using fast boot/ADB command tools are the most popular methods to root Android smartphones. When it comes to Samsung Odin it uses a process like flashing root packages in recovery mode but does not require flashing a custom recovery before flashing a root package. It allows you to flash the root package directly on your device in Download/Odin mode.

Download Root Packages

Currently, the popular and best way to download Odin flashable root packages is to visit Though the site has been deprecated and by superseded by Firmware. Mobi still it provides root packages for some popular smartphone models

System Requirments

  • Make a complete back up of your device
  • A Windows computer
  • Download and Install relevant USB drivers
  • A compatible USB cable
  • Download the relevant CF-Auto-Root package according to your device build number (It also contains relevant Odin programme)
  • Enough battery power (about 60%)
  • Enable USB debugging mode on your smartphone
odin download

How To Root Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Using Samsung Odin

  • 1 Step – Download and install the latest Samsung USB drivers on your computer and reboot it
  • 2 Step – Find your device build number, Android version and Model number using Settings > About device>
  • 3 Step – After getting to know the relevant facts download CF-Auto-Root package visiting the official site.
  • 4 Step – Next, extract the CF-Auto-Root .zip file to have root package in .tar.MD5 extension and Odin.exe
  • 5 Step – Now, boot your Samsung Galaxy S6 device into Download/Odin mode pressing and holding Power Key+Home Key +Volume Down Key at once after switching off it
  • 6 Step – You will get a warning screen while pressing and holding the specific button combination and it will ask you to press Volume Up key to enter “Download Mode”.Press it and enter Download Mode
  • 7 Step – Navigate to the location where you extracted the CF-Auto-Root file and right-click on the Odin.exe file to run it as administrator
  • 8 Step – Now, connect your device to the computer after enabling USB debugging mode and Odin will recognize it
  • 9 Step – Then, the ID: COM area will turn in to light blue which means Odin has detected your device
download odin
  • 10 Step – Click on “PDA/AP” button and place the root application in .tar.MD5 extension and click “Start” to root your device. You will get the “Pass” message when done

Final Word

Samsung Odin is the most popular and free flashing and rooting utility for Samsung Galaxy smartphones. You can use the tool very easily flash the firmware and get root access. The programme is more popular as a flashing utility but works fine if you download the correct root package. Android rooting more popular and demanded than flashing because it is the basic function to vibrant Android customization.

Download Samsung Odin 2019 – Facts and News

In targeting all Samsung devices in the requirement to firmware flash, the best recommendation is to Download Samsung Odin 2019. It has the best support in flashing any file to the system aiming at the highest system alterations. So this is all about its best to troubleshoot just for your complete information.

Download Samsung odin 2019

Above any other flashing tools, Odin wins more love from all because of its supporting nature. Although there are possibilities to get with Odin errors depending on various background factors, the chance is very low in a comparative frame. That is truly because its wide support to devices. And with different options included you can use the same application for the respective function in the very correct way. It gives no trouble and crash between different files and processing as everything comes separately on the same interface.

The complete Odin Flash Processing

The exact time your processing would take will differ according to the factors. So make sure you are getting the PC with right Samsung drivers’ installation to run the processing successfully. And here you must check with the available latest drivers updates to increase the success rate. Also, that should be matched with the device you are willing to continue through connections.

In Download Odin on the PC, get with the most updated installer. And then extract on the PC and run the file to install the program. And when launching the program, right click and choose to run the program as an administrator as this is not official program to run default.

Step 1: Initially, power off the Samsung device and switch the device into download mode. For that, continue to press and hold Power, Home (the new bixby option in new Samsung devices) and volume down for a few seconds and continue through Volume Up in the next screen

Step 2: Use the original USB cable and connect the device to the PC. Recommend to use the main USB port to increase the success of the connection

Step 3: Keep noticing the “ID:COM” in which you will see the “added” message once the connection is successfully established. And that block should fill in blue notifying the connections further

Step 4: You will find different buttons on the main interface like BL- Bootloader, AP- Android partition, CP- modern firmware and CSC- Consumer software customization. So you have to select “AP” and attach the firmware file there and load

Step 5: Once it is successfully loaded, you need to continue through “start” and wait to complete the process flash

Step 6: Now keep the device connected and leave until it completes the progress. If the process is successfully over, you will see a green “Pass” on the interface. But in case if it shows a reset message in red, you need some fixings and repeat the steps orderly


Troubleshooting facts to Odin Samsung

There is hardly any failure you would face with Odin processing. But if there is something wrong in the setting, you will not receive “Green Pass” at the end of all processing. So there could be device incompatibility issues, firmware incompatibility, not updated tool versions etc. and also it requires you to have good attention through the PC settings as well.

As a good guidance to Odin tool, I recommend you to start with the USB drivers installation. And there, check for the available latest and check the compatibility with your device and firmware. Once the installation is over, restart and save the changes you made. From the device, enable USB debugging and confirm that you have a good connection to WiFi to proceed through downloads.

Addition to these, you must concern deeply about every single file you download. When getting to Odin, follow our download links to not get caught to false content. Especially when you are choosing a firmware file to flash on the system, check the compatibility for several times and confirm through the country code match. If that is fine, you will not face sudden application shutdowns or going unresponsive which are possible with application incompatibility.

Download Odin 3.13.1 tool version

Thanks to the team of developers behind the tool update, Odin v3.13.1 is now updated as the latest. This new version of Odin comes with a number of specifications. In fact, it has an improved user interface to handle all processing easier. With this new tool you are also given the highest device support including the flagship Samsung Galaxy Smart Phones. So you can now have the flash support up to Android Oreo and Android Pie with the device support like Samsung Galaxy S9, Note 8, Galaxy 7, and all Galaxy devices in the latest line up.

Together with the fixed GUI, expanded compatibility, device support, supporting interface and all, there are more changes Odin 3.13.1 carries out to the user. In fact, it makes the tool no longer a Windows-only tool confirming its support through Mac OSX for the first time. So you can now flash through Odin either using Windows or Mac OSX.

Odin APK Download- what is new about Mobile Odin?

Up to now, we have a number of Odin flash tool updates with respect to different firmware and device requirements. But for the sad fact, there is no update we see yet to Download Odin on mobile for direct APK support. In fact, Samsung Odin remained to be a desktop application since its dawn to the public. So if you want to flash through Odin, you need all support through Windows PC. And that should have the correct installation of USB drivers software with match to the device you handle through flash. But for the happy fact, Odin now gives support through both Windows PC and Mac through the latest Odin 3.13.1. It is coming free to the user as always and available in an improved frame.

Odin Tool

Are you ready to Download Samsung Odin 2019?

If you are using a Samsung Smart phone and getting into the flashing experience, there is no better option than Odin. It is free thanks to Samsung developers and available in the most required updates. But make sure you have the PC as this is not supporting through Odin Mobile. And do not follow fake downloads which could harm the system and make you stuck forever with a brick device.

Wrap up

Odin is the most supporting free flash tool that serves all Samsung devices to get with the desired system alterations. You can use Odin aiming at either system recovery or customization. And with rights to Download Samsung Odin 2019 in the latest update of 3.13.1, you will get the best of flashing within a very simple and effortless frame. So get it free and make the best experience to flashing firmware. Have happy Androiding!

Samsung Odin Download- Troubleshooting facts

For all of the Samsung device users, Samsung Odin Download is a great free privilege to process through flashing. As you might have already aware, the tool involves an extremely simple work interface supporting a wide range of files to successfully flash. But what if you happened to meet with various errors and drops? This is the right time to look into the basic troubleshooting tips and more facts.

Samsung odin download

Did you fail with Samsung Odin Download?

It is very important to choose the right tool version to complete the successful file flash through Odin Download. In fact, it is not the latest always you need to download as it depends on the background facts like device version, firmware runs, Windows PC version and more. So check for the suitable Odin version and continue through downloading. If it fails, try a different version. Make sure to extract and get the supported file extensions.

No Download Mode on Samsung

It is very important to boot the device into Download mode before going through further processing. In case if you fail here, take the device battery off for about 30 seconds and continue to press Volume Down + Home + Power together. If it still fails, take off the battery and re-enter. Then, plug the device to the power charger and hold volume down. This would probably take you to download mode.

If you still fail, you are recommended to follow motherboard replacement by going to a service center.

Samsung Odin does not recognize the device connected

This is not a big issue as you will very easily get detected by the program with a proper connection. But in case if you fail, try a different PC. And with no device plugged in, launch Odin Samsung. Then boot the device into download mode and plug the device. This will probably work and will make the device easily detected. You can also try to uninstall and reinstall the drivers for the device with the available latest version.

These three are the most reported issues when comes to Samsung Odin Download and processing. But additionally, if you get stuck and unresponsive while processing, it is the sign of having the incompatible tool version. So change your Odin Tool version and start freshly.

What is more to do with Odin fails?

Odin is a very supporting flash tool that makes your flash easy and working with the minimum effort. If you follow the things orderly, there is hardly any chance for you to get with tool drops. So make sure you have prepared the things well. And after you have installed the drivers to the PC, restart the PC. If you have installed any antivirus programs or firewalls, make sure to uninstall them temporally before proceeding. Additionally check the compatibility of the file you download to flash on the device through Odin.

Odin Tool

Final words

As repeatedly stated, Samsung Odin is a great free tool that makes your flashing successful. But make sure this is strictly for Samsung users. So confirm the compatibility, have the correct file downloaded and continue with proper preparation. And do not forget to share your comments about your experience on Samsung Odin Download.