Samsung Odin 3.12.7 with all new features

As we excitedly remain for an update for Odin tool, its brave developer Samsung Inc has been announced there is enrichment addressed the gather as 3.13.1 as the replacement of previous Samsung Odin 3.12.7.  The best newsflash is, it specifically addressed Android Oreo and that break the limitation of Windows only support too. Therefore, you are welcome to Mac either to be applied 3.13.1. As often, the utility seems to be applicable to almost all Android kits. To flash ROM files comes as stock or custom, root the system, kernel flashing plus recovery options are available through key functions. By the way, it is time for those who newly want to drive the operation to settle the most recent update and come to a perfect destination. And those who had errors with prior editions better check whether the latest support them.

samsung odin 3.12.7

Flash with Samsung Odin 3.12.7

Since we have been guided you through the earlier version 3.12.7 since far, it is time to navigate the story with the recent Odin 3.13.1. Since this has been precisely launched in an aim to address users hold newest OS Oreo functioning smartphone and tablet. As often, Samsung is the only brand that capable to apply. As specified above, the recent utility offered users the chance to work even with Mac OS X in addition to frequent Windows. So it is a great turning point and that made users easier than go over virtual PCs.

By the way, the procedure will be the same which we used on several occasions. It will request a couple of changes in the same manner.

Important points with Samsung Odin 3.12.7

It is important knowing 3.12.7 is just a Windows-only while the update capable to work with both operating systems. Though 3.13.1 highlighted Android 8.0, it also works on whatever previous OS either. Smart kits such as Galaxy S8 Plus and Galaxy S8 now got their invitation.

The latest Odin v3.13.1

Since many Android fans complained a couple of similar issues while working behind the newest system Oreo, there is no any method to escape apart from Odin. You can restore to the previous OS or else carry out challenging custom kernel or firmware. And even root permission will capable to perform once there will be proper files such as CF auto root respectively.

As the latest edition, 3.13.1 has a special responsibility in order to support almost all Samsung devices including newest releases such as S8 series. If you are with any of those troubles related to Oreo, here is the best solution.

samsung odin 3.12.7

Winding up

Thanks to Samsung Inc, we could receive the recent version 3.13.1 as the successor of 3.12.7 of our dedicated Odin utility. And it is great as well collected a couple of fixes and enhancements that made the procedure flawless. And the latest capable to support you without any trouble even based on Apple Mac to flash or whatever accomplishment over Android Oreo. However, break the limitation that kept you surrounded Windows. Those who are with Smartphone kits running Android 8.0 capable to accomplish flashing procedure using these new releases.

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