Complete guide to Samsung Odin latest version

As we have been discussed since a couple of weeks ago about the recent update of tool Odin, today we are going to keep posted a complete guide to flash your beloved Android Smartphone with a stock ROM. The recent download Samsung Odin version 3.13.1 will support you to move through Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge as well. However, not only stock firmware flash, you can even deal with custom ROMs either and even as we posted previously, root approaches plus further recovery procedures too will perfectly support you from now onwards. The best thing is, the latest capable to work with both old and new packages in any condition once it being a tar file.

download samsung odin

Flash using download Samsung Odin v3.13.1

So we are going to start our narration. Flashing does not mean to be complex when you have minimum knowledge about its movements. And when you are with Odin, the process has just simple things to do often. With a couple of requirements, you can start the flashing procedure with a computer. Thanks to the recent, this is not a Windows-only any longer. You can now work based on an Apple Mac OS X either. And flash an Oreo will be interesting for those who got respective firmware kits from Sammobile website. The recent got perfect uses in order to accomplish flawless results.

Download Samsung Odin Procedure

Prepare the handset

  • Backup to keep safe important files or remove the memory chip
  • Download the firmware file from Sammobile
  • Put the handset into download mode
  • Download the recent version of Odin
  • Install drivers to the arranged computer. And drivers must be the latest

How to?

  • Extract both Odin and the firmware file
  • If you have been perfectly arranged download mode, connect it to the computer
  • Run the utility and commence the process
  • Check whether utility detect the handset
  • Enter AP button on the UI and apply the tar file
  • When everything has been perfectly arranged, go to the Start key and bring the procedure to an end
  • As usually, PASS! note will display in the top left corner of the interface

download samsung odin

Troubleshooting tips

In accordance with usual troubleshooting tips, you will be able to do corrections in order to carry out the procedure to a perfect end. Some of the common troubles are the improper connection of the USB cable and the PC, out of season drivers installation for the PC, incompatible firmware suggestion that you can recorrect and flash again. It would be better to check each and every before command to start the procedure.

Use the latest version

As it has been recommended, using the recent edition will set you through a sharp and a perfect ending. In this procedure, those who are interested to flash Android Oreo can try out a flawless ending. So it available for free in recent times as the version 3.13.1.

By the way, refer our previous and future posts for further step guides and updates.

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