A brief explanation of Samsung Odin interface options

Today, we brought you a worthy narration that every one of you should declaim. You can collect each and every functionality of Samsung Odin for they are very important behind whichever procedure related to. This will perhaps let you discern you all those entries that you should and should not obviously.

samsung odin

Common view of download Samsung Odin keys

Some of these options are not available with old versions of the utility for they are new and might state instead of whichever some other feature.

  • PIT

PIT stands for Partition Information Table. Since this connected with Re-partition option, there you have to enter a certain .pit package too when you check repartition

  • Log

This is the next panel of the Messages box. Once the tar file will start entering, this section will display its inner details.

  • ID:COM

This is the section that you can get to know whether Smartphone perfectly linked. It will highlight when it is positive. But for that, the handset must activate download mode. While all the line along with ID:COM remains gray when it  will confident, the particular box will turn in to blue

samsung odin

  • AP

The AP key completely associated with the firmware form. This is the core functionality behind flashing procedures to enter the tar file of the kernel or ROM

  • BL

In briefly, bootloader function has been replaced by the BL switch for recent download Samsung Odin versions. Those who desire bootloader flashing has to use this specifically

  • CP

CP is the particular switch that arranged for flash Modems and that comes through ROM packages. Thus, when you need to flash it, click on the key and enter the respective file

  • CSC

CSC generally calls Consumer Software Customization. Everyone knows that CSC depends on varies carriers and regions. Access point Name, carrier branding and the particular software package in accordance with the region can found through this

  • Mass D/L

This option will open a couple of mode options that contained after pressing. While 8 port identifications are there before, after selecting the key, you will be able to network more than the common

  • Binary size

This will display the selected binary size. The size will display in megabytes

  • Start, Reset and Exit

These three switches are the ones at the bottom of the graphical user interface. While Start button can use to start processing whatever procedure, the Reset is a little differs. It will undo all options you arranged into default.

Download Samsung Odin options

samsung odin

  • Reset Time

This is the function stand for resetting the flash timer behind the Odin procedure

  • Re-Partition

In simple, it calls RFS. So this is the one that you have to mark to repartition the handset’s filesystem to the default

  • Auto Reboot

Unless you mark this checkbox, the handset may not be able to reboot after the procedure

More options

However, there are a couple of selections that we often ignore such as Nand Erase All, Flash Lock, LED Control, TFlash. Thus, do not mark any of these unless the guides you go through direct you for. Since each above keys and options has particular job role in aimed at making the procedure positive, beware of your selection. For some guides might differ in accordance with varies phone and tablet models, make certain that you are at the right place when you select a guide.

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