Head to Samsung Odin and Flash/Root Your Samsung

You think you are limited with the stock frame of your operating system, but scared of a flash or root? Leave it for history and is time for a change. So have a look on Samsung Odin which a must-have tool for you for the best system modifications on your Samsung. Read on as we are ready to cover all important facts about Odin, the tool to flash/root your Samsung to make it work like never before.

Samsung Odin

Why Odin?

Odin is a Windows-based tool that can implement for system level modifications. Even though it is for flashing purpose, Odin is not only limited to that. In fact it is a multi-functional tool that is supportive in similar functionalities which result alterations in the operating system. So Samsung-Odin is inseparable relationship that runs for a strong history.

Odin has developed for Samsung internal purposes, but with an unintentional leak it has come to public. However now Odin is under public authority which has won true consideration of thousands of Samsung power users. So there is no tool better than Odin to flash your Samsung without turning it to a brick.

Samsung Odin is used to flash Stock/Custom firmware, Kernels, Recovery files, root packages at the same time contributing in similar functionalities. For an example Odin can also used as a tool to unbrick soft-bricked Samsung models. In that way it is a solution for most cases where you need a little change in the system arrangements. But do not get confused as Odin is designed for Samsung which will carry true confident to your process. If I say Odin is a must have tool for Samsung, no one would disagree with me if you are truly aware about Odin.

Note: Odin only supports .tar and .tar.md5 file formats, so you have to convert files to acceptable format before working with Samsung Odin

How to Flash Stock Firmware with Odin?

Samsung Odin

Odin has power to flash stock firmware of your Samsung which is beneficial in cases like software crashes, bootloops or other related issues. So go through our guide and have a good time with Odin.

Note: Odin does not effect the warranty of your Samsung Phone or Tablet in the process of flashing a stock firmware. But in some cases there may be influences on your device’s warranty. So we advise you to conduct the whole process with good care at the same time being extra cautious about every step you proceed

Instructions to get prepared for the Process:

  • As there is high possibility of wiping your device’s data, you are thoroughly advised to make a complete backup before heading with Odin
  • Get prepared with a Windows operated PC and USB that match with your Samsung device model (Odin is a Windoes-based software which comes with no support to other platforms. And remember you are not allowed to Download Odin directly on your Samsung too)
  • Install Samsung USB drivers on the PC
  • Enable USB debugging from settings
  • Download Stock ROM (Check the device compatibility for multiple times before downloading, if it is in zip format extract on the PC and get the supportive extension for Odin)
  • As Odin will process 20-30 minutes, it is important to have sufficient power scale. So charge your device at least about 50-60%

If things are fine up to now, boot your Samsung Device into Download Mode

Samsung Odin

As soon as you see the Warning Triangle, press Volume Up to continue

Step Guide to Odin Flashing

  • Step 1: Download Samsung Odin zip file and extract on the Windows PC (check the device compatibility and try to download most recent Odin version for a stable processing)
  • Step 2: Then double click on “Odin exe” that you extracted and connect your Samsung Phone or Tablet to the PC via the USB (When Odin opened in a new Window)
  • Step 3: Then wait and let Odin find your connected device. If you see an “Added” message in the left panel it says you are successfully connected
  • Step 4: Now click on “PDA” and select “tar.md5”
  • Step 5: If Done hit “Start” to begin with flashing
  • Step 6: Now wait and remove your Samsung device from the USB as soon as you see “Pass” message in green
  • Step 7: So now it is done and let the device reboot

Stuck in a Bootloop?

It is normal to get stuck with a bootloop as soon as you are successfully done flashing a new firmware. To get safely out of this you have boot into Stock Recovery Mode (Press and keep holding Volume Up+ Home and Power buttons for 2-3 seconds. Then leave Power when your Phone or Tablet vibrates but still have to stick with Volume Up and Home) If you have successfully switched into Stock Recovery mode, you will find and option there “wipe data/factory reset” to clear cache. So let it mange the task and restart to have a fresh beginning with the Firmware you installed on your Samsung.

Video Guide to Samsung Odin

Troubleshooting Tips

  • If you stuck with the logo: Turn to DL Mode and repeat the steps
  • If  Failed to Detect your Device: Use a Proper USB and try multiple unpluggings and replugging
  • If Odin latest version not supports: If Odin latest version comes with trobles when processing, try a previous version and remember to check the device compatibility

Odin Updated Version

Samsung Odin is getting updated with time, so there are number of versions from where you have to pick the most suitable by checking the compatibility. As of now Odin3 v3.12.3 is the latest which supports all latest Samsung device models at the same time with an improved interface. So Download Odin3 v 3.12.3 for a stable procedure.

Samsung Odin

The word “Odin” stands for God. So just like the way it means Odin is a God for Samsung that enables best system modifications. So prevent getting troubled with some other tools, and just head to Samsung Odin which will prevent you downloading multiple tools. In fact Odin is a tool for multiple purposes that lead best optimization in the way your Samsung functions. As long as you are Odin privileged there is nothing to get panic about Flash/Root on your Samsung.

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