The difference between Samsung Odin download and Mobile Odin

As we all know, anyone who desires to flash a Samsung device able to use the official offer of Samsung Inc with a tar file. Since this is common and we pass it thus far, in this guide we are going to let you another utility and that as well seems similar to Samsung Odin download. It calls Mobile Odin. But not with the same category since it stands as an app while the previous is a Windows-only. In this narration, you will be able to count differences and uses of these two separated utilities. Own a Samsung Android? Hence this is especially for you.

samsung odin download

Samsung Odin download and the app

As the same name we use to introduce both implements, Samsung is the only handset brand that both tools can work with. And even both can familiarize with flashing implements. But of course, there are clear differences though apparently stand for the same purpose.

The first thing is, download Odin tool is a PC based and the other is a small application. It available in the Google Play store as root-only. Anyone with root permission can grab it separately as a Lite or a Pro version. And the original tool cannot identify any other file format while the app capable to read even zip files. And root-only permission as well keeps them far from each other while you do not need to become a rooted user to use the often implement. Though all two implements can root a system as well, Mobile application needs EverRoot package for any movement of rooting. The official utility required you to active download mode on the respective phone or the tab to go on. Behind the computer-based implement might get fail results because of wrong file suggestions, the app will instantly identify that it is wrong to avoid from the process.

The Mobile Odin is a creation of Chainfire. He is a well-known Android developer and a member of XDA since far. The frequent utility to flash the device with a PC offered by Samsung Inc for very own purposes.

More about the app instead of Samsung Odin download

Mobile Odin is a qualified tool that can settle whatever files suggestion formed on your SD card. It supports over 50 Samsung Galaxy kits while Pro version has to pay as often. Separately, Lite edition will not formation respective files that the process required, Pro got the talent to line up all on time. However, for the same purpose of CSC, PDA and Phone buttons of the PC based tool, the app got the Open file key there.

Moreover, the tiny application got certain compatible device list. But the other known as a flashing utility for almost all devices of the particular brand.

samsung odin download

Latest versions

3.12.7 is the recent version comes with further clarifications from Samsung Inc. Mobile Odin as well became the version 4.20 with the support of SuperSU v1.9.4 while exposed the applicable list.

How to flash?

As you collect above points, the two implements have to apply in accordance with their unique methods. You can download and install the app while the official Odin required downloading> extract > run as an administrator using its exe kit on a Windows running computer. You can simply get an idea of each option once open the user interface of both. But be careful for both comes with serious measures and you should function at your own risk. Therefore, go after proper guides according to your device model.

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