How to fix Samsung Phone Stuck in Odin Mode?

We are going to let you know one of the important things when being a Samsung Android user. If your Samsung Phone Stuck in Odin Mode; do not drop it or waste your money for a repair center. The download mode does not stand for broken devices. It means you still can fix it with proper steps.

samsung phone stuck in odin mode

What is Odin mode?

It is a special mode for Samsung Android devices. We usually talk about it when we are ready to flash the device using the Odin tool. When a device is in its download mode, we can connect it to a computer that installed Odin and flash is easily. However, sometimes there may be issues for some uncertain reasons. When you stuck there, it does not mean your device is useless. If you are lucky enough, you can recover it using methods that we will guide you from now.

Samsung Phone Stuck in Odin Mode

We are going to clarify three common methods that you can use when you stuck at Odin mode. Try from the first one since you have to go through the third if two previous methods will not work properly. In many cases, those two should work and fix the issue. Carefully read and go through.

Method 1

  • Just take the battery of the device away from it
  • Keep it a few minutes away from the device
  • And then insert it back
  • Turn on the device normally

Method 2

  • Simply press and hold the Volume Down and the Power button at the same time
  • Stay at the same for a few minutes. So the device will boot displaying the Samsung Logo on your screen

Method 3

In this method, you have to use the Odin mode to fix the issue. So it is not a few steps process like previous methods.


  • ┬áCompile a USB cable and a computer
  • Install the latest Samsung USB drivers to the machine
  • Download Odin and an applicable stock ROM from Sammobile website
  • Extract both files that downloaded above

How to?

  • Connect the Samsung device to the computer
  • Once it detects the device you can click the AP button and add the tar file there
  • After that, click the Start button as the final step
  • The device will flash and replace the ROM that you suggested. When the flashing process comes to the end, you will see a long reboot
  • The carefully remove the cable from the device and check its working status

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