How to unroot using Samsung Odin?

Unquestionably, there are a couple of whys and wherefores that you desire to flash a stock ROM. It may be for the lost warranty or else to receive an OTA upgrade that you cannot accomplish without unrooting. This might also cause to occur soft-bricked Smartphone unless you vigilant of your involvement. Despite everything of your analysis, you will not be able to encounter flash a stock firmware than using Samsung Odin. Therefore, this guide will be convenient for we prepared each and every step orderly that will lead you to a splendid rise. Here we make a break for it.

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How to unroot with Samsung Odin?

Unroot is not just undo everything for rooting has offshoot unless you completely recover the system. In my opinion, you can perfectly remove everything accompanying to root standing throughout this brave procedure on the outside any screwup. Lay the groundwork and carry out each step with forethought for a flourishing break off thanks to Odin download.


  • Boot the respective handset into download mode. This is important since it is the key function that leads Odin on your system panels. Simply power off the device > press and endure Volume down > Power + Home. The warning message will display. So then, you can shift your finger to the Volume up button and alter it.
  • Install drivers to the PC you are going to carry out the procedure
  • And then download and setup Odin utility for the process
  • As recommended, we guide you to pick up your firmware model from Sammobile website. This will have to extract and save
  • Now you can go to the Odin file > right click and select Run as administrator option

Samsung Odin download procedure

  • Now you have to use a proper USB cable to connect both devices (PC and the device)
  • When the device seems to be detected, you can continue to the next
  • The AP key stands for transferring the firmware. So click it and browse the file to the particular panel

samsung odin

  • While counting varies codes, you will see “Leave CS” when everything has been prepared
  • So just press the “Start” switch and go ahead

samsung Odin

The procedure might take more than 5 minutes. So just stay close without touch the computer of the handset for any purpose. On the top left corner, you will see PASS! And then, the device too will react with a reboot. And finally, you can unplug the handset from the cable and check whether it is properly working?

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Wind up

Now you completely save if there were unusual or else troublesome turnouts. But there is one thing that you cannot even recover through flashing. If you had a problem with a tripped KNOX counter, it is pity for you will remain as custom for all time. Once you will have to face any kind of minor issue after flashing, all you have to do is switch to factory reset while being in recovery mode. Those who could not become positive with the first attempt can carry out the same task prudently without let it get bricked.




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